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Product Review

Check out this shower head review by thefrugalvegan in Green Living:

"Although I've been happy with [my Oxygenics brand], I knew I could save more water. During couch-surfing season, more water is used therefore I wanted to find shower heads that were better than the one I have.

After extensive research, reading reviews and comparing products, I settled for the High Sierra ShowerHead (Sierra-2000 model). [Webmaster's Note: We no longer make the Sierra models, but they had the exact same patented nozzle that our current models feature.] The most expensive model is very affordable at $27US and as a Canadian, if you purchase 3, you get free shipping. As a US Citizen, if you purchase two, you get free shipping. I bought just one in case I wasn't going to like it.

This product is very well made, is patented and extremely sturdy. It will never clog!! People on septic systems say this is the only shower head that gives them good pressure. Installing it was very easy. The pressure is incredible ... :)

There are 4 models to pick from, the lowest being $22 so this is within most people's budget and you will likely pay it off with the savings. I am looking forward to seeing my next water bill. Make sure you purchase it on the website as it is cheaper this way."

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