Shower Heads That Express Your Style

David reimagined the inner workings of shower head design and what people should expect from their shower. Showering should be a revitalizing experience – and now it is. Proprietary engineering compliments uncommonly versatile designs tailored for your lifestyle - That command attention and make a statement.

Inspiring designs with the distinction of solid metal throughout. Elegant lines that make a statement in Brushed nickel with soft reflective tones ending in a warm finish. The richness and depth of oil-rubbed bronze versatile evoking an elemental cast. Luminously polished brass nods nostalgic gleam that resists patina—bold yet sophisticated matte black for a refined modern look that defines your space. Chrome brightly polished to a mirror finish with a traditional feel.

Define Your Space; Create The Atmosphere You’ve Only Dreamt Of Until Now

Make a statement with our captivating shower heads - be it glamorous or casual – you’re in control. Create your one-of-a-kind retreat – a captivating space where you give yourself permission to do nothing, accept slow down – de-stress – and come back to life.

Showering is time that is yours alone. It is your time to renew - to feel centered in preparation for the day ahead, or achieve true relaxation, ensuring a restful night. Surrender the day – allow yourself this moment of comfort – enveloped by a gratifying complete coverage of water with superior pressure, where you are transported to an idyllic state – blissful and harmonious.

Transfigure your shower and your experience. Our elegant shower heads embody deep tones and graceful curves that communicate good taste. Then in the moments when you let yourself go – wind down – and decompress. When you take time out to rekindle with your inner peaceful self – Your showering experience is rhapsodic.

Why Us The High Sierra Showerheads® manufacturing facilities dedicated team meticulously builds each shower head by hand to ensure each order meets the company's high-standards and customer satisfaction. Our family-owned business takes pride in delivering a superior product line and unmatched customer service. When you choose to do business with High Sierra Showerheads®, you are assured the individual attention you deserve as a valued customer.
Invigorating Large Drops

Patented Full Coverage Spray.
FCS Technology

Will Not Clog

*Minerals and hard water will not clog our patented nozzle

Save Money

Patented green technology saves water and money!

Built in the USA

Using Domestic and Imported Parts

Solid Metal Construction

All High Sierra Showerheads® are made of metal.

High Sierra Showerheads®: You'll Never Believe It's Low Flow!

Distinguished, artisanal quality fixtures that are nothing short of art – Mark the quintessence of a unique bathroom. The striking symmetry of clean lines are a source of inspiration. Aesthetically appealing shower fixtures that reflect your personal style from minimalist to ornate – traditional or contemporary - The possibilities are euphoric.

REFLECTIONS™ - The hallmark of contemporary rain shower head design – Inspired by light - Highlighting a fixed shower head with a broad face reflective surface – Style materializing as a patented fog-free shower mirror

CLASSIC PLUS™ fixed shower heads - Petite in their design – slender and modern - A timeless look and commanding performance

HALF DOME™ - Our rain shower head - Distinguished melding of traditional and contemporary design – Its graceful shape inspired by the Natural Wonder of North America - Half Dome. With an ingenious precipitation design, that superbly actualizes rain. - Reconnect with nature

TENAYA PLUS™ - Grand in size – Unsurpassed in performance – Available in brilliant chrome or refined biscuit to pair with your lifestyle

COMBINATIONS – An Integrated shower head and handheld – Use separately or together for an extraordinarily customized showering experience

HANDHELDS - Embrace refined control of your showering experience – Distinguished handhelds with esthetically pleasing ergonomic designs – Perfectly blends with every motif


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