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What makes High Sierra Showerheads the best?

Choose What to Add to Your High Sierra Showerheads Combination Kit!

High Sierra Shower Heads Save You Money!

Save up to 50% on water and the energy used to heat it simply by switching to a feel-good, low-flow shower head designed by High Sierra.

High Sierra Showerheads Clog Free Guarantee

This Waterfall Won't be Stopped!

High Sierra guarantees that our shower heads with our mesh screen installed will never clog. 

Before High Sierra Showerheads installed mesh screens in our product, only large debris particles could clog our patented nozzles.  With the screen, large particles are stopped in their tracks and water is able to flow around them.

Product Showcase:
Reflections V1

Shave in the Shower with a High Sierra

Shaving has never been this easy with the world’s first shower head and fogless shaving mirror in one.  A High Sierra Reflections Shower Head is designed to make shaving while showering simple and water conscious.  When you’re ready to lather just hit the trickle valve button which slows the flow of water coming from your High Sierra to as low as .05 gallons per minute.  Lather up and then grab your razor.  You can use the mirror to ensure that skin is as smooth as eggs and that those lines are as fresh as newly cut grass.  Rinse your razor of the excess stubble with the water that is designed to trickle out of your shower head.  When you’re looking fresh, pop that trickle valve back full blast and rinse that chiseled face of yours!


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Installation is Easy

See how to properly install a fixed shower head by High Sierra Showerheads

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