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What makes High Sierra Showerheads the best?

Choose What to Add to Your High Sierra Showerheads Combination Kit!

High Sierra Shower Heads Save You Money!

Save up to 50% on water and the energy used to heat it simply by switching to a feel-good, low-flow shower head designed by High Sierra.

Product Showcase:
Diverter Valve

Our Diverter Valve Allows You to Easily Divert Water From the Handheld to the Fixed and Back.

A diverter valve for a shower is a plumbing component that allows a user to switch the water flow between different shower features. Our High Sierra Diverter Valve has two ports that connect to other pipes or outlets, such as our shower head and handheld wand. When the user activates the diverter valve, it directs the water flow to the desired port. The water then flows out of the corresponding shower feature. Our diverter valves use an easy to move lever that diverts the flow of water.

Great for Household and Hospitality use!


High Sierra Showerheads Clog Free Guarantee

This Waterfall Won't be Stopped!

High Sierra guarantees that our shower heads with our mesh screen installed will never clog. 

Before High Sierra Showerheads installed mesh screens in our product, only large debris particles could clog our patented nozzles.  With the screen, large particles are stopped in their tracks and water is able to flow around them.

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Installation is Easy

See how to properly install a fixed shower head by High Sierra Showerheads

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