High Sierra Brushed Nickel, Half Dome Rain Shower, Low-Flow Combination Kit with Handheld Shower Head and Diverter Valve


3-Way Combination Kits

with Fixed & Handheld Shower Heads

The 3-Way Combination Kit comes with our easy to use diverter valve, High Sierra fixed shower head (optional), High Sierra Handheld shower head with hose, and built-in handheld holder. The diverter valve easily and conveniently directs the flow of water to either the fixed or handheld shower head (cannot run both simultaneously). Ideal for the home, hospitality, fitness centers, and other facilities.

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No plastics

Solid Metal Construction

Will Not Clog

Save Water & Money

Built in the USA

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Fixed Showerhead

Finish Choices

We offer multiple finishes to match your existing fixtures.

Trickle Valve

Our push-button trickle valve easily controls the flow of water, or shuts it off to a trickle, while lathering, for even greater water savings. Simply push the button one way to reduce the flow and push it back when you're ready to resume full spray. You can push the button all the way, or anywhere in-between to get that perfect spray!

Select GPM

GPM is the amount of water the shower head uses. For example: A 1.5 GPM shower head uses 1.5 gallons of water per minute. High Sierra® offers 4 satisfying flow rates:

1.25 GPM – For those wanting the maximum amount of water savings. Usually recommended for handhelds or applications where the spray is close to your body. The majority of our customers do not choose this flow rate for standard fixed shower head installations.

1.5 GPM - For those wanting to maximize water and energy savings without having to sacrifice performance. Consistently rated as equal or better than 2.5 GPM conventional shower heads. Our #1 selling flow rate.

1.8 GPM - Uses a little more water than the 1.5 GPM models but produces even larger droplets. Superior rinsing capability makes this flow rate ideal for those with extremely thick hair. Especially recommended for shower arms over 6.5'.

2.0 GPM - Uses more water than all of our other flow rates but is still considered a water conservation shower head. The exceptionally large and heavy droplets are reminiscent of shower head performance predating government mandates. Especially recommended for shower arms over 6.5' or ceiling mounts.