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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you install the showerhead by hand first, and then finish tightening with an open end or adjustable wrench (never use a pipe wrench, pliers, or channel locks). A half a turn or one full turn with a wrench is adequate. Over-tightening is not necessary and may damage the showerhead.

Using Teflon tape is not required to prevent leaks with our showerheads, but the showerhead will be easier to remove in the future if it is used.

Yes. Our showerheads work well at low pressure, which is why all are fitted with a self regulating diaphragm. The diaphragm prevents excessive water pressure from reaching the nozzle. It maintains a constant 1.5 gpm* flow from 30 psi to 90 psi. Custom diaphragms are available for exceptionally low pressure applications. If you have between 20 psi and 30 psi at the shower head, let us know and we will fit your showerhead with a special diaphragm that will deliver the desired 1.5 gpm*.

Yes. The High Sierra Showerhead® will not plug up from hard water mineral deposits or from minerals (i.e. sand particles) in the water. As with any object that makes repeated contact with hard water, a coating of minerals may form at the end of the showerhead. This is a cosmetic issue—your showerhead will not clog from this. If this is important to you, you can prevent it by dabbing the showerhead dry with your towel after showering.

The diameter of the spray depends on the distance from the shower head. For example, at about 3.5' from the shower head the spray is about 12" in diameter. Farther from the head, at about 7', the spray is more like 24" in diameter.

Water left in the hose from a previous shower can be cold until replaced by hot water. To quickly remove the cold water, simply open the trickle valve on the handheld unit for 2-3 seconds with running hot water. This will allow the cold water to exit the hose and be filled with hot water.

Shower arm heights vary considerably from bathroom to bathroom. The height of a shower head can affect the level of satisfaction for some people because the shower spray loses energy as it travels from the shower head. The farther one is away from the shower head, the weaker the spray becomes. To ensure the most satisfying shower possible for our customers, we offer 2 water saving flow rates: 1.5 gpm and 1.8 gpm. Either can be used on any shower arm regardless of height, but we recommend the 1.8 gpm for those with shower arms over 6.5 ft from the floor, especially if small children will be using the shower. This is because the droplet size of the 1.8 gpm shower heads is larger and has greater rinsing power further from the shower head than the 1.5 gpm models.

Our exclusive and patented eye-shaped nozzle creates a slightly rectangular spray. It is not mandatory that the nozzle be oriented horizontally, but most of our customers have indicated that they prefer the wider part of the spray from shoulder to shoulder as opposed to up and down. You can easily rotate the showerhead nozzle into any desired position after installation.

The device is small because our exclusive and patented nozzle creates the ideal spray for showering from a single orifice. Many showerheads are larger for decorative purposes only, unnecessarily increasing the carbon footprint and the price of the showerhead. High Sierra Showerheads did not take this approach. Most of our customers are pleased with the high-tech, efficient look of the device.

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* Accuracy of flow rate is ± 10% between 30 psi and 80 psi

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