Adventure Van, Recreational Vehicle

Treat Your Adventure Van

You love your custom Adventure Van.

You’re making lifetime memories in it. You can’t wait to take it out again.

Before your next trip, treat it to one upgrade it was always meant to have.

Perfectly Built for the Road – and your Adventure Van

Just up the road from Field Van in Fresno, a small, family-owned business, High Sierra Showerheads®, makes 1.25 and 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) handheld shower heads perfectly built for the road – and your Adventure Van:

  • They save you up to 50% on water and energy, for longer hot showers.
  • Envelop you in a luxurious, drenching spray of large droplets that makes you look forward to your next shower. (Your showers on the road might be better than the ones at home!)
  • Wash off pets and gear like nobody’s business.
  • And give you extra time to explore and camp, by letting you go longer before each freshwater fill-up and greywater disposal. They also extend your energy sources: propane, electricity, or otherwise!

Take Full Command of Tasks

Every High Sierra handheld also includes a bonus that helps you power through washing-off tasks: a built-in trickle valve, built into the handle. So with just one hand, you can turn up the flow, make it gentler, or cut it to a trickle.
And by adding the optional rubberized, slip-free grip, you can tackle even your wettest, soapiest tasks with ease!

Choose Your Adventure Van Style

Like your camper van conversion, High Sierra will build your shower head to order!

Choose your finish to express your sense of style – or to match your van’s existing fixtures.

And pick the 1.25 or 1.5 gpm flow rate option to maximize water and energy while on the road.



Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Things to Look For in Your Adventure Van's Next Shower Head

Saving Water and Energy

High Sierra’s shower heads save you up to 50% on water and on the energy to heat your shower water. Take longer hot showers. And go more time on the road between water fill-ups.

Install-and-Go Convenience

High Sierra’s shower heads have a simple, straight water path with no small holes anywhere. They won’t clog up over time from hard water minerals, so their spray stays strong and full, every time!

Washing Long, Thick Hair on the Road

Customer reviews from people with long and/or thick hair consistently say High Sierra’s shower heads are extraordinary.

Natural Feeling Spray

High Sierra’s large, heavy, high-energy droplets feel natural and rain-like.  As one customer wrote, their spray is “like a summer downpour.”

Made From Durable Metal

High Sierra’s shower heads are built to last. They’re made from solid metal: brass and stainless steel, with tips of heavy-duty zinc. You can depend on them when you’re at remote locations in your Adventure Van.

Built in the USA – Like Your Van

High Sierra’s shower heads are built by American workers using domestic and imported parts, at their factory in the Sierra Nevada mountains. That supports good jobs in the USA. (Factory tour here!)

Catch High Sierra on the Road at One of Your Local Adventure Van Expos! We'll see you there!

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