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High Sierra Showerheads Affiliate Program

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Looking for a brand whose products stand out?

One with highly-reviewed, high-performance, sustainable products that you can feel great about promoting as an affiliate?

Here are 6 key things to know about High Sierra Showerheads:

  1. Our shower heads have been Best Picks by CNET, CNN Underscored, Popular Science, Bob Vila, and Treehugger.
  2. Our notable customers include The Ohio State University, Purdue University, the US Air Force Academy, Fort Liberty (the USA’s largest Army base), and Planet Fitness (now in 200+ locations).
  3. Our products are green and sustainable, saving customers up to 50% on water and water heating energy. And saving money on utility bills, too.
  4. They won’t clog from hard water minerals.
  5. Customers who review them, love them, with an average 4.5+ star rating on Amazon from thousands of reviews across our product line.
  6. We also offer an extensive line of all-metal showering accessories. (So as an affiliate, there are even more products you can promote – not just shower heads!)

Opportunities for student athletes

If you’re a student athlete at a college or university with a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) program and would like to promote High Sierra’s products via monetization opportunities, sign up on MOGL – It’s free! And then look for our job listings via that platform!