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The Best Low-flow Shower Heads

A 3 Minute Buying Guide

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The Best Low-flow Shower Heads

A 3 Minute Buying Guide

Your Very First Choice

When buying a low-flow shower head, your very first choice is simple: High Sierra Showerheads or something else.The ones made by High Sierra are designed differently. Inside, they collide water, sending out an invigorating, drenching spray of large droplets.

All other shower heads just send water through a bunch of holes.

Popular Science
(Popular Science wrote) “It will take all 20 fingers and toes—if not more—to count the nozzles on most showerheads. On a High Sierra head, you’ll see only one. Inside the sole nozzle, a horizontal pin separates water flow into two streams. The cone-shaped opening directs them to collide with one another, which forms a drenching, rainlike spray.”

A low-flow shower head is a
Good Investment

Good for your Family, your Finances, and the Environment

How to Find the Right One?

There are literally thousands of models to choose from.

Finding the best ones can take a lot of time. Finding and reading reviews. Watching videos. Asking people.

And if you get the choice wrong, it’s a hassle. A bad showering experience.
Removing and returning it. Asking for a refund. Finding and installing another one.

Are You Looking for These Things in a Low-flow Shower Head?

Saving water & energy

High Sierra’s shower heads save you up to 50% on water. And also on the energy to heat up your shower water.

Their most popular models flow at just 1.5 gallons per minute. And save you up to 40% on water and energy.

They can often fully pay for themselves in just months, from your savings on your utility bills!

Install-and-go convenience

High Sierra’s shower heads have a simple, straight water path with no small holes anywhere. They won’t clog up over time from hard water minerals. (Unlike most others.)

You’ll gain extra time and focus in your busy life, by no longer having to clean out or replace clogged shower heads.

Washing long, thick hair

Customer reviews from people with long and/or thick hair consistently say High Sierra’s shower heads work awesomely well for them!

(And many say they were surprised by that, given how much water they save.)

Natural-feeling spray

High Sierra’s large, heavy, high-energy droplets feel natural and rain-like.

As one customer wrote, their spray is “like a summer downpour.” (And that spray remains strong, even with low water pressure!)

Made from durable metal

High Sierra’s shower heads are made from solid metal: brass and stainless steel, with tips of heavy-duty aluminum or zinc. And their seals are silicone rubber.

They’re built to last, unlike many others made largely from plastic.

Built in the USA

High Sierra’s shower heads are built by American workers, using domestic and imported parts.

That supports good jobs in the USA, at both the company’s factory and at its domestic suppliers.

See What Reviewers Are Saying

High Sierra’s shower heads have earned Best Overall or Best Low-flow picks from reviewers at Wirecutter (a New York Times company), Popular Science, Good Housekeeping, Bob Vila, Popular Mechanics, and more!

Just a few of these reviews:

"This is the Amazon Echo Dot of showerheads. It's simple, affordable and elegant, and it's powerful, even with low water pressure."
Andrew Gebhart, CNET
"Affordable yet built to last, the sturdy, solid metal shower head provides a strong spray."
Amber Nolan, Treehugger
Sustainability and CNN Underscored
"Serious about sustainability. And still manages to deliver a deluge of water and a very satisfying shower."
Courtney Thompson Saib,
CNN Underscored

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the High Sierra Showerhead®, you may return it for a refund or exchange. Just return the product to us in like-new condition within 60 days from the date it was shipped to you, and we will refund the full purchase price less shipping costs, which are nonrefundable. High Sierra Showerheads® reserves the right to determine whether a full or partial refund or an exchange is merited based on the condition of the returned merchandise.

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