Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you install the showerhead by hand first, and then finish tightening with an open end or adjustable wrench (never use a pipe wrench, pliers, or channel locks). A half a turn or one full turn with a wrench is adequate. Over-tightening is not necessary and may damage the showerhead.

High Sierra shower heads and accessories are equipped with rubber seals to prevent leaks. Teflon tape is not required with our shower heads.

Yes. Our shower heads work well at low pressure, which is why all are fitted with a self regulating diaphragm. The diaphragm prevents excessive water pressure from reaching the nozzle. It maintains a constant flow rate from 30 psi to 80 psi. If you have between 10 psi and 25 psi at the shower head, let us know and we will fit your shower head with a special diaphragm that will deliver the desired flow rate.

Yes. The High Sierra Showerhead® will not plug up from hard water mineral deposits or from minerals (i.e. sand particles) in the water. As with any object that makes repeated contact with hard water, a coating of minerals may form at the end of the shower head. This is a cosmetic issue—your shower head will not clog from this. If this is important to you, you can prevent it by dabbing the shower head dry with your towel after showering.

The diameter of the spray depends on the distance from the shower head. For example, at about 3.5′ from the shower head the spray is about 12″ in diameter. Farther from the head, at about 7′, the spray is more like 24″ in diameter.

Water left in the hose from a previous shower can be cold until replaced by hot water. To quickly remove the cold water, simply open the trickle valve on the handheld unit for 2-3 seconds with running hot water. This will allow the cold water to exit the hose and be filled with hot water.

The flow rate, or Gallons Per Minute (GPM), is the amount of water the shower head uses. For example: A 1.5 GPM shower head uses 1.5 gallons of water per minute. High Sierra® offers 4 satisfying flow rates:

1.25 GPM – For those wanting the maximum amount of water savings. Usually recommended for handhelds or applications where the spray is close to your body. The majority of our customers do not choose this flow rate for standard fixed shower head installations.

1.5 GPM – For those wanting to maximize water and energy savings without having to sacrifice performance. Consistently rated as equal or better than 2.5 GPM conventional shower heads. Our #1 selling flow rate.

1.8 GPM – Uses a little more water than the 1.5 GPM models but produces even larger droplets. Superior rinsing capability makes this flow rate ideal for those with extremely thick hair. Especially recommended for shower arms over 6.5′.

2.0 GPM – Uses more water than all of our other flow rates but is still considered a water conservation shower head. The exceptionally large and heavy droplets are reminiscent of shower head performance predating government mandates. Especially recommended for shower arms over 6.5′ or ceiling mounts.

The shower head is small because our exclusive and patented nozzle creates the ideal spray for showering from a single orifice. Most conventional shower heads are large in diameter because they have to be in order to accommodate the 50 or more nozzles.