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High Sierra’s 1.25 GPM Shower Head

Here at High Sierra, we constantly try to bring you the lowest of the low-flows without sacrificing your quality of life in the shower.  Our 1.25 GPM Shower Head will surprise you with just how good it feels.  Its flow feels great whether you’re at home or on the road in an RV.  Even though it’s low flow it will get the shampoo completely out of your hair as well as massage your scalp.  

1.25 GPM Shower Head At-a-Glance

1.25 GPM Shower Head Flyer

Real World Testimonials

Way better showering experience than my previous 2.5gpm head. The trickle valve works a treat, and can be set half-way for a middle ground between trickling and showering.


Fast delivery. Very reasonable price for the quality. I looked and looked for a quality shower head made in the USA. I found it. Worth the price and will recommend to anyone looking for a shower head made in the USA. The shower is great.


Excellent product and customer service! Well-made, simple design. I’d expect this product to last for decades.


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