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High Sierra Showerheads Adds New Feature to its Water Saving Shower Heads

David Malcolm - Monday, December 13, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, we added a colored ABS Splash Guard to our home/hospitality low flow showerheads. The all-metal, solid brass body and the FCS nozzle were not changed from our classic model.

water saving shower headIf you've browsed around our website a bit, you'll see that the High Sierra's main feature is the patented FCS nozzle, which inventor David Malcolm originally designed for agricultural and landscape irrigation. The droplet pattern and spray were so effective that Malcolm applied the technology to his new line of shower heads.

So why change a great product? The answer is simple: We listened to our customers. And we didn't really change it so much as augment it.

Though the classic design worked great for most shower enclosures, we learned that the blast of spray was powerful enough to hit the shower door or shower curtain if the enclosure was small or the shower was mounted high over a tub. Here, in his own words, is David Malcolm's explanation for the addition of the ABS Slash Guard:

"The splash guard was conceived in response to the requests of customers to narrow the spray diameter.  The HSS spray is a blast of water droplets that expand as they leave the showerhead.  If the shower stall in which the classic HSS was installed was narrow or was located high over a small tub, some droplets at the base of the spray could hit the shower door or curtain.  I always listen to the customers and designed the splash guard to push the outside droplets back into the spray, similiar to the way a shotgun choke narrows the pattern of shotgun pellets.  The resulting spray stays in the shower area regardless of how high the showerhead is located on the wall or how narrow the shower stall is."  

And, we might add, the new models look mighty cool and install as easily as ever. All you have to do is pick your favorite color!

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