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Showerhead Pressure Regulators in Low Flow Showerheads Are a Problem!

David Malcolm - Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello water savers,

Here's a litt
le tidbit that most people don't know about: Virtually all low flow shower heads create their spray by porting the stream of water flowing into the showerhead through multiple orifices (also known as tiny holes :).

What is wrong with this system, you ask? First of all, these tiny holes plug very easily. Second, the spray from a low flow showerhead that uses this system is less than satisfying, because it has empty areas and is not is not as full as a High Sierra model.

The special design of our HighSierra Showerhead® models mechanically breaks up the stream into a spray of large droplets through a single orifice (patented just three years ago). The advantage of this design is that it is much less likely to plug. And it is fuller and void of empty areas, so it gives all the satisfaction of a high flow shower.

Here's another "wow moment" for students of advanced water saving technology: In terms of flow regulation, nearly all showerheads sold in the U.S. are equipped with a pressure regulator manufactured by a company called Neoperl. Its design regulates pressure well, but it is highly susceptible to plugging.

The picture on the left shows a 1.5 gpm Neoperl pressure regulator that we removed from a Niagara showerhead which we suspected was plugged up (the flow felt weak). It compares the Neoperl 1.5 gpm pressure regulator side by side with that of the High Sierra. As you can see, the water must flow through much smaller passageways with the Neoperl than with ours.

In a nutshell, here is how our patented system works: First, it reduces the pressure of the water stream to between 10 and 15 psi. Second, the stream is divided into two streams. Third, the concave orifice plate causes the 2 streams to collide, resulting in a uniform spray of large droplets. Larger droplets retain heat better than fine droplets do, and they do not sting.

The spray is not round. That is why we recommend that the showerhead be oriented with the orifice plate opening in the horizontal position when installed in a shower stall and vertical if over a tub.

The picture of the smaller 2.5 gpm Neoperl flow control on the left demonstrates what happens when you use orifice size to control the flow of water. It will plug up.

It actually is very easy to create a spray of fine droplets when pushing the water through small orifices at high pressure. It is not so easy to break up a low pressure stream into a spray of uniform large droplets. That is why I was able to patent my design.

I don't know of any water saving device that can pay for itself faster in savings than a 1.5 gpm shower head. My customers are willing to pay a little more for better performance, higher quality, and longer life. Even so, the High Sierra priced at $30 pays for itself in only 2-3 months!

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