Coarsegold Roots

High Sierra was recently recognized by Sunset Magazine as being “the most efficient, utilitarian model” shower head on the market and we are honored for the shout out. At High Sierra we live and breath the West Coast. The High Sierra production warehouse is located in a small town called Coarsegold, CA. Owner and Founder David Malcolm first came here with his parents and trained under his father many years ago. Now every day he wakes up, opens the breezeway doors to the shop, and feeds the chickens. There’s one solitary turkey roaming with the chickens that I’ve unofficially named Ansel, nevertheless for some reason nobody else wants to get too attached to him.

Coarsegold Ansel
Ansel Living His Best Life

Gateway to Yosemite

It takes a certain type of person to be able to live comfortably in a small mountain town. Most people just pass through it on their way to Yosemite. There’s one market and one restaurant. The local Chukchansi Indian Casino has some really good restaurants but it is a few miles outside of town. Coarsegolds neighboring town of Oakhurst is larger and more commercial. The many billboards and signs littered throughout Oakhurst diminishes its small town charm though.

Coarsegold Gulch

Coarsegold holds on to its history as seen in the peddlers market that one stumbles upon at the entrance to town. The community revitalizes every time grandparents greet their grandkids as they get out of the car and take that first big whiff of fresh mountain air. It holds on to its culture every time a cowboy ropes a steer at the Coarsegold rodeo. Coarsegold holds on and endures the passage of time like a crumbling gold mine with a gentle breeze blowing throughout.

Coarse Gold Gulch

Coarsegold Living

At High Sierras shop and production facility a local bear has been ransacking the trash cans, a friendly fox begs for scraps, and other critters are frequently paying old dog Phoenix a visit. Davids girls moved out of town to Phoenix, AZ a long time ago but visit with the grandkids frequently. Coarsegold holds precious memories for them. Seven grandkids gather around the fire pit or kick their feet on the swings that have a million dollar view. Sometimes good stories are told about the past and the tough stories get glossed over.


Green, gold and red dominate the hills. The manzanita trees nestle amongst the trunks of their bigger brothers, the giant pines. Sunsets here are glorious. Blues make way for reds, oranges and yellow while the foxes sing lonely songs in the valley below. As the sun sets and the stars come out one can’t help but wonder why anybody would want to live in the cites below.

Fires and the Need to Conserve

One reason mountain towns like Coarsegold struggle is because they have an enemy that thrives on bad decisions. Fire could easily burn everything down, but luckily enough there are things we can do to prevent disaster. Water preservation and long term sustainability should be forefront on most Americans lives. Modern times are plagued by unprecedented draught brought on by years of abusing the natural world. Logically transitioning away from fossil fuels to more sustainable resources will help reduce green house gasses which cause turbulent climate change, while reducing water waste will help preserve our dwindling resource.

How High Sierra Helps

Every day in Coarsegold, High Sierra ponders new ways to innovate the sustainability market by introducing low-flow shower heads to the masses. High Sierra low-flow shower heads reduce waste water in the shower by up to 40%, furthermore they also reduce the amount of energy used to heat said water. By switching to a Coarsegold, California built shower head not only will you save money on the bills but you’ll help save the world as well.

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