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Our water is a precious resource. In our home state of California water is on everybody’s mind. From the yard to the shower, we have to conserve water. High Sierra has put together a list of five indoor conservation tips to help you save water and save money in the long run.

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1. Fix Leaks

See a leak…fix a leak. Seeing water on the floor with no spilled glasses around can be frightening. Whether it’s the fridge, the toilet, the sink, or the washing machine – you may need professional help. It’s imperative that these leaks be fixed for obvious reasons.

2. Conservation Starts in the Shower

First things first. Make sure you have a High Sierra 1.25 GPM low-flow shower head. Our shower heads save a lot of water without sacrificing your quality of life. When you take a shower put a bucket underneath the shower head to catch water as it’s heating up. Hit the timer to ensure you hit your five-minute shower goal. When the water is sufficiently warm, set the bucket aside and enjoy the rain-like flow. Shaving has never been easier with the addition of a trickle valve that slows the water. Bonus: Use the water you saved at the beginning of your shower to water roses outside!

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3. Keep an Eye on the Water Bill.

A bonus to any conservation journey at home is the money savings. While the initial investment may be steep in the long run it will be worth it. Watching the water bill steadily drop due to water saving efforts can be as motivational to keep going as it is rewarding.

4. Shaving and Conservation

Hitting the lever on the faucet while shaving saves a lot of water. Save even more water by doing it in the shower. Pair a trickle valve with the High Sierra Reflections Showerhead. By doing so you can slow your water down and shave at the same time.

5. Install High Efficiency Appliances

Toilets, dishwashers and washing machines have made great conservation strides over the years. Look for Energy Star logos on appliances to identify companies that take conservation seriously. Loading machines to capacity when using them also greatly reduces water usage.

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