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Conserving Hot Water with a House Full of Guests

Never Run Out of Hot Water in the Shower. Even with a Houseful of Guests

The more guests that stay over at your home, the quicker the hot water can run out in the shower. And leave guests and family in the cold.

Prepare ahead of time by installing a water-saving High Sierra shower head. That’ll keep the hot water flowing for everyone!

Keep Your Hot Water Flowing

When your house is full of family and guests staying over for the Holidays, it’s too easy to run out of hot water in the shower suddenly. Brrrr!
Here’s what you can do: install High Sierra shower heads. They’re super water-efficient. That gives everyone far longer hot showers, even on the coldest days!
Here’s why: they use far less water – up to a gallon per minute less – than nearly all other shower heads which helps your water heater keep up so the hot water continues flowing.

That means the shower water stays nice and toasty, even when people take showers one after another. And even if two or more showers are running at the same time!

High Sierra Shower Heads Blog Conserving Hot Water
No Bargain Shower Head. A High Sierra is a Great Value.

Treat Your Guests

With a High Sierra shower head, you will ensure everyone in your home will be getting plenty of hot water in the shower, and they’ll also love how their shower feels.

High Sierra’s patented nozzle sprays large, heavy, invigorating droplets. It easily rinses shampoo and other hair products out of even the longest, thickest hair and feels great on your skin.

No more tiny streams of stinging water, misty sprays, or gaps in the spray pattern. Instead, you get nestled inside a full bouquet of large, heavy, warm droplets – perfect for cold days!

Easy and Quick to Install

Installing a High Sierra shower head is as simple as unscrewing your old shower head and screwing on your new, more efficient one.

Just screw it on and hand-tighten it as far as you can. Then give it a snug half-turn with a wrench to strengthen the hold.

You don’t need plumbers due to their rubber gaskets. And the sturdy ball joint – which lets you position the shower head at many angles – will take a firmer grip as you tighten the shower head.

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