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How to Get the Hotel Shower Right

Hotel Showers

A deep dive into what guests are looking for.

Hotel Showers Get Judged Almost as Much as the Bed

I recently checked out of an anonymous high-end hotel and left thinking to myself “never again.” There are a few things that really check the boxes for me. Great experience at check-in, overall cleanliness of the room, comfortability of the bed, and how the shower makes me feel.

Don’t get me wrong. the shower is not my first point of judgement, but if it’s not good, it’ll be my last.

I am a morning shower guy. After I make the bed, I hop in the shower to get my day going. A good shower is satisfying and energizing: a perfect start to my day. Yet a shower that’s anything but – a spray that’s under-powered or stinging, or water that can’t be set to or kept at the right temperature – sours my stay from that moment on.

The Overall Hotel Shower Experience

From the second a guest turns the shower handle until they remove a towel from the rack, their shower experience should be pleasurable.  The water temperature should be easy to navigate, the spray should feel wonderful, and the towels should be soft and inviting. When the guest is done showering they should be basking in that experience.

The ambiance in the bathroom matters too. Do the fixtures look solid and clean? Are they metal – or cheap plastic? Is there glass or a curtain? Will the bathroom spur guests to return or drive them away?

There are plenty of opportunities to wow guests in the bathroom.  Start with High Sierra Showerheads, with all-metal fixtures that pamper your guests with a luxurious, drenching spray, shower after shower! (Plus maximum sustainability. And almost zero maintenance.)

White Towel Hotel Shower
White Bathtub

Guest Pain Points

When designing the perfect hotel showering experience, some key guest pain points to consider:

Not Just Luxurious, But Also Environmentally Friendly

Hotels with ecologically-friendly business practices are the hotels of the future. Guests are becoming increasingly more eco-conscious. No matter if they’re staying in a big city or a beautiful rural setting, they routinely expect their hotels to seek to reduce waste and conserve energy, and even inform them how they’re working towards that. And now, especially with the Western USA experiencing so many dry years, those expectations also include conserving water. Yet, when guests are candid, they’ll also tell you they don’t want their showering experience to be compromised.

Meet or exceed every guest’s expectations by introducing them to a luxury showering experience with High Sierra Showerheads, while still saving up to 50% on water and energy – and associated utility costs. Whether your guests are arriving on a business trip for a one-night express hotel stay, or for an eagerly-anticipated, week-long family vacation, they’ll cherish your looking after their needs – and the environment – so thoughtfully.

Beautiful Additions to Any Hotel Room

High Sierra’s high-end, all-metal bodies, clean, sleek looks and range of available finishes will complement nearly any decor!

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