It’s Okay To Be Greedy Green

David Malcolm - Monday, August 1st, 2011

We all know that “Green” behavior is something most people look upon favorably.  Wanting to help the planet—or even just your own community—by saving resources and using environmentally responsible products is a good thing.

But isn’t there a bit of self-denial and discipline involved?  Don’t we have to sacrifice pleasure and performance to use products that are environmentally sound?

Not really.  In fact, we would like to remind you here and now that many environmentally sound products are vastly superior to their wasteful counterparts.  Just for the heck of it, we will call the enjoyment and/or consumption of these products “Greedy Green.”

Greedy Green is good. Greedy Green is in. Greedy Green is happening all around us.

The first point we’ll make about Greedy Green products is that most of them have been designed from the ground up to conform to a certain conservation standard or achieve an environmentally sound goal—as opposed to simply taking a wasteful product that already exists and messing with it until it is forced to conform to that standard.

By way of an example, let’s look at the humble (and somewhat passé) Toyota Prius.  Unlike some automakers, Toyota didn’t take an existing auto body and an internal combustion engine and monkey with them until their product achieved outstanding gas mileage.  Toyota designed everything from scratch.

You’ve probably seen enough smug Prius owners by now to know what we mean by Greedy Green. Not only could they revel in their car’s high level of fuel efficiency, but the Prius’s unique style was a head-turner everywhere they went. It had excellent acceleration.  It got top-notch reviews for safety and reliability. 

Now most car manufacturers have models in production or on the drafting table that match or surpass the Prius in looks and performance. Witness the amazingly efficient (but incredibly expensive) Telsa. Owning one of these babies might be the ultimate in Greedy Green.

In architectural products, Greedy Green abounds. Beautiful environmentally sound building products and structural designs are everywhere.  If you look at the environmentally sound flooring, window coverings, and energy products that are out there today, you’ll see what we mean.

And plumbing products, of course.  We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the High Sierra Showerhead in this discussion. This showerhead isn’t very pricy, but it has all the attributes a product must have to be Greedy Green. Unlike most high-efficiency shower head designers, the High Sierra’s inventor started with the notion of making a nozzle that would have a flow rate of 1.5 GPM under varying water pressures yet produce a drenching, non-stinging spray of water.

He designed it from the ground up and patented the special nozzle he created. It doesn’t have tiny holes that plug up or produce a feeble spray, nor does it force water through narrow openings that create a thin, stinging blast.

The High Sierra Showerhead feels good—so good, in fact, that High Sierra Showerheads LLC often gets inquiries from purchasers (or from institutional buyers trying out a sample) who just can’t believe the flow rate is really 1.5 GPM.

It is 1.5 GPM. It is environmentally sound. It conserves resources. The design is catchy and high-tech.

And it feels really good.

This is exactly what we mean by Greedy Green.

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