The Key To Water-Saving Shower Heads Is Performance

David Malcolm - Monday, July 19th, 2010

As the Consol Report on Water Use in California indicates, there is no more cost-effective method of saving water than retrofitting high-flow shower heads with water-saving shower heads. But, as proven by the 1992 government-mandated 2.5 GPM restriction on shower head flow rates, if the shower performance is not satisfying (as a result of poor design or orifice contamination), consumers will alter the product or replace it with the old style shower heads, countering any water savings that could have been achieved.

High Sierra Showerheads offers the ideal solution: a minimal flow rate (1.5 GPM), a strong and effective shower spray, and no small holes that will plug up.

When the US first mandated a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM for shower heads sold in the US, most people were unhappy with the performance. This is because shower head manufacturers were reducing the flow by simply adding flow restrictors. In most cases, the resulting shower was very weak and unsatisfying which motivated many consumers to bypass the law by removing the restrictors. Today, 18 yrs. later, the water delivery infrastructure in the US is no different than it was 40 years ago. However, given that the population has increased by 20%, conservation is now the only viable short-term solution to the water crisis.

Fortunately, shower head technology has come a long way. For example, a shower head manufacturer known as High Sierra Showerheads™ has developed and patented a nozzle that is able to break a very low volume stream of water (1.5 GPM) into a fairly large diameter spray of droplets that are uniformly spaced and that flow with a good velocity for rinsing long hair. This is accomplished without injecting air. Aerator shower heads cool the water and can pull bathroom bacteria into the spray (our next post will address aerator showerheads in more detail).

The High Sierra spray has the feel of a much higher flowing shower head, but not so strong as to be uncomfortable.

Traditionally, lower flowing shower heads require smaller holes which translate into more plugging. The HighSierra design addresses this issue by creating an effective spray from a single orifice. Not only does the HighSierra have the feel of a conventional, full-flowing shower head, but it virtually eliminates the clogging problem as well.

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