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Low-flow Shower Heads Recommended by Bob Vila

High Sierra’s low-flow shower heads have once again been recommended on Bob Vila’s website!

Bob Vila has been dishing out great do-it-yourself (“DIY”) tips on This Old House & other TV shows for 30 years. (He even did cameos on the classic series Home Improvement with Tim Allen!)

High Sierra’s Classic Plus shower head was featured at the top of Bob Vila’s July 2022 list of the “best products to help you conserve water this season.” Here’s what they told their readers:

“Switching to a low-flow shower head is a great way to conserve water. Reviewers rave that this shower head maintains strong pressure while also having a low-flow design of ‎1.5 gallons per minute … to save 40 percent of water.”

(Also, be sure to check out their other water saving tips, such as garden and compost moisture meters and high-efficiency washing machines!)

Planning a Bathroom Remodel?

The how-to section on Bob Vila’s website is invaluable for weekend warriors and do-it-yourselfers. We particularly like their bathroom remodel ideas – paired with a luxury High Sierra Showerheads Combination Kit, of course!

You’ll customize your Combo Kit by picking your favorite handheld and fixed shower heads from High Sierra’s website. Then use either one whenever you like. Or even run them together, for the ultimate rain shower experience!

The Kit installs in minutes right onto your standard shower arm for a rapid and easy bathroom upgrade – no plumber required. Every piece, including the holder and both shower heads, are durable all-metal products, for years of satisfying performance.

Bob Vila Loves High Sierra’s Low-flow Shower Heads

This isn’t the first time Bob Vila’s website has spotlighted High Sierra’s products. In January 2022, their website included High Sierra’s Classic Plus in their list of “Best High Pressure Shower Heads to Upgrade Your Shower”. Here’s what they wrote back then:

“With its solid metal construction and clog-free nozzle, it’s one of the most rugged, dependable low-flow shower heads available. The patented nozzle delivers a robust and full spray of large water drops for a powerful experience and minimal water usage.”

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