Make More and Spend Less – Planet Fitness and High Sierra

Make More and Spend Less - Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness chose High Sierra Showerheads as their partner to equip their locker room shower heads across the USA. Our products are helping the company and its franchisees “make more and spend less.”

Yes, it’s that Planet Fitness: one of the USA’s largest and fastest-growing fitness center chains. This chain now has over 2,100 club locations globally and 15 million members, “more than any other fitness brand.” They’ve chosen High Sierra’s 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) low-flow shower heads for retrofitting existing locations, plus installations at newly-opened locations. (As of this writing, several hundred of their clubs already feature High Sierra’s products, a number that’s been growing rapidly.)

In American Builders Quarterly, Russ Kletke outlines how Planet Fitness has turned itself into a sustainability powerhouse by going green. Part of their business strategy is taking over old retail stores and turning them into green-friendly fitness centers. Hence, they’ve employed “the best-available technologies in heating and cooling, lighting, and water use that takes these old stores from the 20th to the 21st century”.

One of Planet Fitness’s key goals is to help their franchisees “make more and spend less money.” Their managers found “sustainability measures, particularly those that involve efficient heating, lighting, and water use, are consistent with customer satisfaction and profitability.”

At High Sierra, we’re gratified to help Planet Fitness and their franchisees meet their sustainability and money-savings goals! If you’re looking to do the same, please browse High Sierra’s extensive selection of shower heads perfect for commercial buildings and institutional facilities. Whether you’re equipping a building, a campus, or an entire enterprise, we’d love to be your trusted supplier.

How to Make More and Spend Less in Your Commercial Business

Like Planet Fitness, other leading enterprises chose High Sierra’s shower heads as their best option for retrofit and construction projects. By doing so, they realized significant savings not only on water and energy use, but also on routine maintenance. They, too, “make more and spend less.”

Four reasons why:

  1. High Sierra’s 1.25 and 1.5 gpm models save the absolute maximum amount of water and water heating energy possible, while still making a drenching, luxurious spray of large, heavy, high-energy droplets. These flow rates save 50% and 40% on water and water-heating energy, respectively, over most shower heads in service in the USA today. That saves you the largest possible amount of money from the start. Better yet, you won’t need to swap them out later due to changing sustainability requirements or regulations. Also, their return on investment (ROI) is extraordinary. In some commercial building scenarios, they can entirely pay for themselves within just months.
  2. They’re made from sturdy all-metal components for long field life. (Many competing models are instead made mostly from breakable plastics.) High Sierra’s product durability significantly reduces ongoing maintenance and replacement costs.
  3. They won’t clog up over time due to hard water minerals. That’s because of their globally unique nozzle design, with a straight-through water path. Plus, it has larger openings at both water entrance and exit than any other shower head. This saves you maintenance time and costs by no longer having to clean or replace clogging shower heads.
  4. They’ve been reviewed as Best Picks by CNET, Wirecutter (a New York Times company), Popular Science, CNN Underscored, Good Housekeeping, and many other reviewers. Your customers, residents, and/or employees will find their spay extremely satisfying. And your facilities managers and maintenance professionals will get compliments, rather than complaints.

A Trusted Partner to Help You Meet Your Savings Goals

Renowned enterprises and institutions have long trusted High Sierra Showerheads as a key partner. Among these are Planet Fitness, The Ohio State University, Yale University, the US Air Force Academy, and Fort Bragg (the USA’s largest Army base). For over a decade, High Sierra’s products have been an integral part of sustainability initiatives to save water, energy, and money.

As a company, High Sierra Showerheads:

    • Is a profitable and growing manufacturer, in business since 2010. Since its earliest days, the company has served commercial and institutional customers.
    • Builds their shower heads in the USA, from domestic and imported parts.
    • Regularly fulfills commercial and institutional orders on an ongoing basis. These range from a few units for a duplex, up to bulk quantities such as 1,400 units (Tulane University), 5,000 units (State of California and The Ohio State University), and 12,000 units (Fort Bragg).
    • Routinely gets repeat orders, spanning multiple years, from some of its largest commercial and institutional customers. That’s a testament to how well High Sierra’s products work.
    • Can provide shower heads with locking screws and/or that fit unusual threading and mounting types. If you need these – for correctional institutions, universities and colleges, outdoor showering facilities, or other such settings – High Sierra can deliver! (And no matter what siting or plumbing challenges you may be facing, High Sierra can work with you to solve them.)

Whether your business involves gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, sports arenas and stadiums, ball fields and soccer pitches, aquatics and swim centers, athletic training sites, residential rehab programs, hospitals, skilled nursing and other congregate care facilities, senior and retirement communities, or any other commercial real estate setting with showering facilities, Make More and Spend Less With High Sierra Showerheads Today!

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