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Sustainability Rocks! High Sierra is proud to be ranked as the 2022 best low-flow showerhead by CNN Underscored. Our High Sierra Classic Plus was tested multiple times and the results were clear. – “the Classic Plus is small but mighty.” CNN Underscored had so many good things to say about High Sierra AND they didn’t even review our newest lowest flow 1.25 GPM Showerhead. C’mon guys! We will have to make sure they get one of those for next time.

High Sierra Sells Feel Good Sustainability

Do you find yourself asking how can I help save water? Have you had terrible experiences with low-flow shower heads in the past? Are you afraid to take the “plunge”? The word drought is all over the news now. Within the community you may hear farmers, environmentalists, politicians or even your neighbors sounding the alarm that the water is running out. Start your sustainability journey here with High Sierra. CNN Underscores says, “there is certainly a high-efficiency shower head stigma”, but guess what? They also say, “The Classic Plus dispels the notion, however, by producing a bursting stream of high-pressure water, easily rinsing off soap and dirt.” Our larger droplets are the secret to feel good low-flow.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Quality of Life

There is absolutely no need to sacrifice your quality of life in the name of sustainability. Our high-quality all metal, absolutely fabulous looking, super sleek shower heads feel good! Upgrade the luxury by adding one of our shower arms and slide bars for a more complete look. Impress all your guests when you tell them not only am I saving water with this bad boy, but I’m saving money too. That’s right! Watch your water bill swirl down the drain when you purchase a High Sierra Showerhead. Thanks again CNN Underscored for the kind words!

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