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We hear the term sustainability a lot these days.  With the spotlight on global warming and our dwindling water resources, many companies, governmental agencies, industry influencers and even our neighbors can’t stop talking about it.  And rightly so.  We have to figure out a way for society to thrive while at the same time limit the amount of resources we use to do so.  But where do we start?

There are three key pillars to sustainability:  Environment, Society and Economy.  The three pillars all work in tandem with each other to create balance in the world.  They push and pull each other.  Regardless of society and the economy, the environment will continue to exist.  In which state the environment exists depends on society and the way we approach our economy.  

The environment needs water to run more through the rivers of the world and less through our pipes.  Society wishes to keep a high quality of life and the economy has typically dictated the extent to which society can accomplish that.  At High Sierra we’ve developed a technology that will not only cut your water and energy usage, but you won’t have to sacrifice your quality of life to accomplish it.

Our shower heads have a feel-good, low-flow that people like you enjoy.  They’re made of all-metal materials and built in the USA.  Our sustainability experts make products that are good for the environment, society and the economy.

Sustainabilty Experts Focus on the Details

We’re all-metal, they’re plastic.  Metal shower heads like High Sierra’s are highly durable. Because you typically won’t replace them nearly as often, they use fewer resources. That’s a big sustainability win.

Plastic shower heads are more breakable. When a shower head made of plastic has a chip or crack due to impact, it often needs to be replaced. Plastics also break down due to wear, temperature fluctuations, and naturally occurring minerals found in the water supply.

Each time a broken plastic shower head is thrown away, it adds waste to landfills – or elsewhere in the environment. Also, each time you have to get a new shower head, that’s a negative for your wallet and for sustainability. That’s yet more energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from the new shower head’s manufacture, transport, and packaging.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Many shower heads come with extra packaging. Like hard plastic cases for shelf display, which you have to laboriously cut away and then throw away, going into a landfill. Those are a sustainability ‘minus.’

In contrast, High Sierra’s products ship with less packaging. And of a more ecologically-friendly kind.

Our compact Classic PLUS model, for instance, is packed in an equally compact, recyclable cardboard box. A box that’s just big enough to hold and protect it – and not a bit larger.

Sustainable Building Partnerships

Planning a green building project? Such as a project guided by certifications and standards such as LEED, Passive House, or Net-Zero Energy?

High Sierra’s shower heads are a perfect fit for these projects. They’ll help you save on both your water and energy use budgets and meet your sustainability goals.

See our profile on Mortarr, a leading site for design ideas. There, you’ll find examples of green building projects using High Sierra’s 1.25 and 1.5 gpm shower heads.

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