Why Hotels and Motels Should Be Using Our Low Flow Shower Heads

David Malcolm - Friday, October 12th, 2012

It happened to me again last week, for the umpteenth time, on a quick overnight trip to the California Coast. I wanted to take a strong but soothing shower (you know, plenty of rinsing power but no sting) after the long drive. When I entered the hotel bathroom, my heart sank. Mounted above the tub was this plastic monstrosity, with a dial surrounded by dozens of tiny holes—many of them visibly clogged with mineral deposits.

Yes, I’m talking about The Dreaded Hotel Water-Saving Shower Head Experience. I’m sure it’s happened to you.

Kramer knows about bad shower heads

Needless to say, the shower I took that evening was lousy. Water dribbled weakly from the partly clogged shower face. Turning the “massaging” dial had no effect on the comfort or power of the spray. Rinsing off was a lengthy, unsatisfying ritual. My wife didn’t like it either. The next morning, she said her hair felt flat, like that of the Seinfeld crew in the famous low flow shower episode.

Innkeepers everywhere, we recognize your problem! Hotel owners, managers, and procurement people need to save money on their water and heating costs—and still provide some semblance of comfort or luxury. That’s why we see so many low-flow hotel shower heads with worthless massaging dials and goose-neck stem configurations. No matter how many bells and whistles you add, this is still just watering-can technology. Some hotels use aerating shower heads with better results—but these devices have their own drawbacks (see our blog post on this topic).

When people are away from home and tired from traveling, they want to take a shower that feels good. And, let’s face it, innkeepers need to save money. But savings in water and energy do not need to come at the expense of a hotel guest’s comfort.

High Sierra Shower Heads are the clear solution. They feel much better than old-fashioned low flow shower heads and self-proclaimed massaging devices. Their drenching spray contains large, heavy droplets, which feel comfortably brisk without stinging. They are designed to operate at a flow of 1.5 gpm regardless of low or high water pressure.

Our shower heads have a small, high-tech footprint that goes well with any bathroom décor. They work well inside shower stalls or over tubs with minimal splashing. Their single, patented orifice will not clog. They are truly an environmentally responsible (“green”) approach to lodging. So if you’re an innkeeper or a motel/hotel owner, please contact us about our quantity discounts. Our latest TV news interview has an interview with the owners of a small hotel, which you might find useful. If you’re a traveler and find that the shower in your room is less than satisfactory, by all means, tell the front desk about High Sierra Showerheads. Together, we can put an end to The Dreaded Hotel Water-Saving Shower Head Experience.


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