Why you Should be Wary of Aeration Shower Heads

David Malcolm - Monday, July 19th, 2010

A number of large shower head companies have come out with “aerator low flow shower heads” that conserve water while creating the illusion of a higher flow of water. High Sierra Showerheads® achieve a low flow and feel good without resorting to aeration. There are three reasons why that’s desirable.  First, bacteria, which is present in aerated shower heads that do not fully drain after use, is mixed with water and air the next time you take a shower and is sprayed from the shower head.  The bacteria in the air filled spray then becomes airborne and is easily inhaled.  For this reason, aerated shower heads are not used in hospitals.

Second, aerated shower heads use more energy to heat the water than non-aerated.  That is because the spray of aerated shower heads feels colder than that of non aerated sprays, even though the actual water temperature is initially the same.   As a result, the user will increase the temperature of the water heater or the mix of hot water, which in turn uses more energy.

The third reason a conservation-minded individual should be wary of aerated shower heads is their tendency to clog.  Air is pulled into aerated shower heads through air ducts.   These air ducts are very small and easily clog with mineral deposits in the water.   Once plugged, the flow rate of the shower head increases, resulting in an uncomfortable spray and a higher flow which wastes water.

High Sierra Showerheads® have a patented nozzle that sends out a full pattern of droplets at any water pressure.  That makes the spray feel full and satisfying, even though the flow is just 1.5 gallons per minute.

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