Made in the USA/Worlds Most Versatile Shower Head

Versatility is a beautiful thing to have in a product. “It slices, dices, and will even shine your shoes!” Some power tools can do just about anything. Many modern weed whackers have four or five different attachments for different jobs, but is there such a thing as an extremely versatile shower head? Yes, it’s called a High Sierra Showerhead, and it’s made in the USA: built at our factory in the California mountains from domestic and imported parts.

Shower Heads for Many Uses

Made in the USA
Made in the USA for Correctional Facilities.

High Sierra manufactures low-flow shower heads to match any home or hotel plumbing fixture style. The 1.5 GPM shower head is popular for college dorms, prisons, and correctional facilities. The newest low-flow 1.25 GPM shower heads provide even more water savings. Some High Sierra Showerheads are popular in these facilities due to being tamper-resistant and each shower head also includes a set of screws to prevent tampering. High Sierra makes shower heads for gymnasiums, campgrounds, beaches, pools, and other outdoor setups. We can match nearly any thread size and can manufacture any amount.

Made-in the USA Feel-Good Low-Flow

Locker Rooms
Locker Rooms

There is no need to be cautious about utilizing a shower head in your home that can also be used at the gym because the reviews are in. Everybody loves a high-quality product that saves water. The all-metal finishes look amazing with many different bathroom styles. High Sierra Showerheads are the newest and most innovative high-efficiency green shower heads available. The patented technology creates a spray that feels like a much higher-flowing shower head (even though it’s low-flow) while saving potentially hundreds of dollars a year in water and energy. We pride ourselves in making innovative, made-in the USA, products that rise above the competition. We strive to make great shower heads without sacrificing the feel of an amazing shower.

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