High Sierra Combination Shower Kits 3-Way vs 4-Way. Which works best for you?

Fixed and handheld shower head combinations are becoming more and more popular. They allow the user to easily select between the handheld and the fixed. High Sierra approaches this differently than other manufacturers and offers a unique choice of (2) types of combination kits: 3-way (fixed or handheld run separately) and 4-way (fixed or handheld run separately, or both run simultaneously at full flow (running both simultaneously at full flow is not possible with 3-way diverter valves).

High Sierra Combination Kit with 3-Way Diverter Valve (Ideal for the home, facilities, and hospitality):

This kit features a 3-way diverter valve, ½” NPS male threads to connect the fixed shower head, ½” male threads to connect the handheld hose, and a built-in holder to cradle the handheld. The diverter valve port selector easily moves back and forth to direct the flow of water to the fixed or to the handheld. You cannot run both shower heads simultaneously at full flow with 3-way diverter valves. For small, narrow shower stalls High Sierra recommends also ordering our wall mounted holder  and placing it closer to the rear wall of the shower stall. The wall mounted holder comes with hardware to mount it to fiberglass, acrylic, or hard surfaces like ceramic tile.

High Sierra Combination Kit with 4-Way Push Button Control Valves (Ideal for home and spa):

This kit also features the ½” NPS male threads to connect the fixed shower head and ½” NPS male threads to connect the handheld hose,  and a built in holder to cradle the handheld. However, instead of a diverter valve, both the fixed and handheld are fitted with easy to use flow control valves that allow the user to run the handheld or the fixed separately, or both simultaneously at full flow. The flow control valves that we use are known as trickle valves and will shut off the flow of water to a trickle. We use this type of valve because plumbing codes do not allow for 100% shut off to be placed between the shower heads and the mixing valve on the wall. This helps to maintain a constant water temperature when the valves are closed and it also helps to prevent scalding when the flow is resumed. As with the 3-way diverter combination, we also recommend the use of the High Sierra wall mounted handheld holder when the shower stall is very small.

3-Way Combo Kit

4-Way Combo Kit

The Combination Kit with A Diverter Valve

A diverter valve in a shower can help a hotel or home save water by allowing guests to choose between different water outputs.  A showerhead and a handheld showerhead are the two most common fixtures.  By using a diverter valve, guests can easily switch between different water outputs, reducing the amount of water used.  Simple as can be!

For example, if a guest prefers a handheld showerhead for washing their hair, they can switch to it and turn off the showerhead, reducing the amount of water used. Alternatively, if a guest prefers a stronger water flow for washing their body, they can switch to the showerhead and turn off the handheld showerhead.  Providing options to guests gives good vibes!

A diverter valve can help hotels and homes save water by providing guests with more control over their water usage and reducing the amount of wasted water during showering. This can help reduce your water bills and your impact on the environment.

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