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The Combination Kit: Diverter or Trickle?

Are you struggling to determine whether you should buy the diverter valve or the trickle valve with the combination kit?  Maybe you can add both?  Struggle no further because High Sierra is here to help. 

The Trickle Valve

The Diverter Valve

Scenario 1:  You have lots of guests that frequent your shower.

The Diverter Valve would be the most useful with the combination kit in this scenario.  With a diverter valve, it is impossible for the guest to not realize the shower is still on.  Some guests may assume the shower is off with a trickle valve installed even though it is designed to reduce water flow to a trickle.

The Combination Kit with A Diverter Valve

A diverter valve in a shower can help a hotel or home save water by allowing guests to choose between different water outputs.  A showerhead and a handheld showerhead are the two most common fixtures.  By using a diverter valve, guests can easily switch between different water outputs, reducing the amount of water used.  Simple as can be!

For example, if a guest prefers a handheld showerhead for washing their hair, they can switch to it and turn off the showerhead, reducing the amount of water used. Alternatively, if a guest prefers a stronger water flow for washing their body, they can switch to the showerhead and turn off the handheld showerhead.  Providing options to guests gives good vibes!

A diverter valve can help hotels and homes save water by providing guests with more control over their water usage and reducing the amount of wasted water during showering. This can help reduce your water bills and your impact on the environment.

The Combination Kit Trickle Valve ORB

Scenario 2:  You’re in your own shower and would like to lather and shave while you shower.

A Trickle Valve attached to the combination kit would be perfect for you!  The water trickling from the shower will stay at a consistently warm temperature and allow you to rinse your razor.

The Combination Kit with A Trickle Valve

By reducing the amount of water wasted during the shower, a trickle valve can help to conserve water and reduce water bills.  That means money!  Additionally, using less water in the shower can help to reduce the energy required to heat the water.

Scenario 3:  You have a home with small children and pets.

The Combination Kit with Diverter Valve and Trickle Valve on the handheld would be perfect for you!  You can easily divert water flow from the fixed shower head strictly to the handheld and use the trickle valve to control water flow so it’s just right for your child or pet.  They’ll be very appreciative!

The Combination Kit with Diverter Valve and Trickle Valve on the Handheld

The ultimate in versatility, a diverter valve, and trickle valve combo will make it easy for multiple scenarios.  Although it may not be good for showers that see a lot of guests.  Hotels for instance would not want to use a trickle valve just in case the water gets left on.  

While both a diverter valve and a trickle valve control the flow of water in a shower, they serve different purposes. A diverter valve allows users to switch between different water outputs to customize their shower experience and save water, while a trickle valve restricts the flow of water to maintain a consistent temperature in the shower.

Which scenario most resembles your own?

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