Welcome your guests into warmth.  Handcrafted designs compliment aesthetics – adding a touch of luxury to every bathroom.

From the bed to the shower, your guests judge comfortability.  Choose High Sierra’s feel-good, low-flow to treat them warmly in the bath.

Hospitality and High Sierra Go Hand in Hand

Second only to the bed, the shower is where guests will remember how your room made them feel.  By choosing a High Sierra feel-good, low-flow shower head you can be sure your guests will have a positive experience in the shower.  Flowing at as low as 1.25 GPM, guests can sleep soundly after a relaxing shower that is also eco-friendly.  A plaque on the wall stating that you use water-saving High Sierra Showerheads will really have them pumped!  Set the bar high in the Hospitality Industry with High Sierra Shower Heads.

Hospitality and High Sierra

Product Showcase:
Diverter Valve

Our Diverter Valve Allows You to Easily Divert Water From the Handheld to the Fixed and Back.

A diverter valve for a shower is a plumbing component that allows a user to switch the water flow between different shower features. Our High Sierra Diverter Valve has two ports that connect to other pipes or outlets, such as our shower head and handheld wand. When the user activates the diverter valve, it directs the water flow to the desired port. The water then flows out of the corresponding shower feature. Our diverter valves use an easy to move lever that diverts the flow of water.

Great for Household and Hospitality use!


High Sierra Finishes Provide Welcome Luxury in any Setting


Brushed Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Polished Brass

Combination Kits Built for Hospitality

Explore our combination kits which can include handhelds, rain shower heads or the classic in different finishes.  The versatility of our High Sierra Combination Kits will have your guests feeling nice and relaxed.

Finishes to Match the Details

Our innovative low-flow, high-pressure shower heads are designed with your style in mind.  Find the perfect finish to compliment your design style.  Our combination fixed-handheld kits come in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.  We also have matte black and polished brass finishes for our handhelds, hoses and standard holders.  Add a grip for durability and a slide bar for greater access at different heights.  In hospitality, High Sierra shines.

High Sierra Showerheads' close-up photo of chrome Handheld on ADA Slide Bar. Made for Home and Hospitality.
High Sierra Showerheads' Half Dome in oil-rubbed bronze for home and hospitality.

The Half Dome: A Rain Shower that's Low-Flow

High Sierra’s Half Dome Shower Head works best at a 90 degree angle like a Modern Day Rain Shower.  It looks great in all the different finishes but the best part about it for hotel chains is that it doesn’t need the high volumes of water that other conventional rain showers use.  What does that mean for you?  Money!  Flowing as low as 1.25 GPMs per minute and as high as 2.0, the Half Dome is the perfect secondary shower location dropping from the ceiling that will wow your guests.

Conventional rain shower heads claim they feel like rain but we all know that they really just feel like leaks coming from the ceiling.  High Sierra’s Half Dome collides the water inside its single nozzle to create larger drops that actually feel like a warm summer rain pour.  Comfort and Warmth will keep your guests coming back to your rooms.

Interested in learning more about High Sierra Commercial products for the Hospitality Industry?

We can meet with you to understand your needs, guide you through product decisions, provide installation instruction and help you grow your business.  We are here to support you.  Simply set up a meeting at your convenience.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Rooms to get Rave Reviews while lowering costs!

Luxury: But Make it Sustainable!

Let’s face it, we can’t all have a rain vortex coming from our ceiling like the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore does.  Here in California, you may just be immediately fined for such a thing.  But your guests can have a feel-good, low-flow shower experience that provides a similar, albeit more environmentally friendly, experience.  With a High Sierra Shower Head!

Our shower heads drop a deluge of water on your guests!  Well, not really, but it does feel that way!  As low as 1.25 GPM (as high as 2.0 GPM) of water flows through our shower heads.  You won’t receive any complaints about the shower being unable to rinse their hair due to the large droplets that wash out shampoo.  So recycle those conventional 2.5 GPM shower heads that you put a regulator in (which seriously decreased quality) and switch to a feel-food, low-flow High Sierra today!

Hospitality Singapore Hotel

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