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Your shower means a chance to unwind and relax while getting clean and refreshed.  High Sierra Shower Heads get you there by producing large droplets that feel good.  All at low flow rates which will lower your household bills!

Save money, save water, and save energy with a High Sierra.

Choose Your Household Style

The High Sierra "Classic" shower heads. Our most popular and best-selling model for the home.


Brushed Nickel

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Polished Brass

Matte Black

All-Metal Combo Kits Perfect for Home

High Sierra Combo Kits are the all-in-one solution for a satisfying shower experience.  Our combo holder combines the High Sierra Handheld and either the Classic or the Half Dome for versatility.  

Combo kits come in chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel.

Add a Reflections shower head as the fixed shower head for a great shaving tool that you can use while showering.

Switch back and forth from the fixed shower head to the handheld based on your needs utilizing the attached trickle valve.  Run both at the same time for maximum water flow.  It’s like a massager for your household.

The solid metal construction is built to last!

High Sierra Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Low-Flow Combination Kit with Handheld Shower Head and Diverter Valve
3-Way Combo Kit
High Sierra Low-Flow Combination Kit with Handheld Shower Head
4-Way Combo Kit

45 Degree Angle

90 Degree Angle

The Half Dome Rain Shower

High Sierra’s Half Dome uses one nozzle instead of the many different nozzles that conventional rain shower heads use.  Inside this nozzle, we collide the water together at high speeds resulting in large droplets that feel good on your skin (like a summer rain).  After the water collides together it sprays out in a cone-shaped diameter guaranteeing you get as drenched as a once-a-year California downpour.

The Half Dome rain shower head comes in all five beautiful finishes; chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, and matte black.  They will make your household shower shine!

Add a High Sierra Handheld to Your Home Shower for Versatility


Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Brushed Nickel

Polished Brass

How to Turn Your Household Shower into a Spa-Like Experience with High Sierra Shower Heads

Let the Waters Flow!

It may be hard to believe, but High Sierra Showerheads are a perfect and easy way to create a spa-like setting in your shower. The large, high-energy droplets a High Sierra produces collide gently with your skin for a great feeling. Combining the fixed classic with a handheld and a couple of trickle valves lets you get both shower heads flowing simultaneously which gives you a maximum deluge of water. Opening both of the trickle valves, at the fixed and handheld positions, gets all the water flowing. Adding a standard wall-mounted holder to your shower will allow you to place your handheld shower head at whatever angle provides the most pleasure. The best part about utilizing High Sierra Showerheads is getting all this functionality from just one shower arm.


High Sierra Showerheads Eucalyptus for Household Ambiance

Details for Household Ambiance

Continue transforming your shower into a spa-like setting by adding simple and effective ways to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in your home:

  1. Add some mood lighting, such as candles or dimmable lights.
  2. Consider playing soft music or nature sounds with a shower speaker to create a calming ambiance. 
  3. Use high-quality bath products such as a luxurious body wash, shampoo, and conditioner to enhance the experience. 
  4. Invest in a comfortable shower bench or mat to make your shower experience even more comfortable.
  5. Place your towels in a towel warmer.
  6. Shower steamers or eucalyptus leaves can help clear your sinuses and smell good.
  7. Incorporate some natural elements, such as plants or natural stones, to add a touch of serenity to your shower space.

You can turn your shower into a tranquil spa oasis with a few simple changes.

Phil E.
Aug. 9, 2022
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2-minute installation with a wrench. Quality all-metal construction. 1.8gpm doesn’t feel like it’s water-efficient with it’s generous flow, but I trust it’s saving water! The water droplets are indeed large as stated, and it’s creates a nice effect. Not abrasive as with high-pressure jets, but substantial, so it’s easy to quickly get the job done in the mornings without standing in the shower for too long. The showerhead pivots far enough in every direction to get the water going where you need it to, and it stays in place. If practicality is important to you, then this ticks all the boxes.
June 3, 2022
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I’m glad I found High Sierra and have started recommending to friends. The pipes in our house need to be replaced and probably the municipal water isn’t the greatest. It isn’t uncommon for us to have to replace showerheads every so often which is all too easy to do. Showerheads from big box stores are cheap and inexpensive; the materials used in their construction reflect that. This isn’t the case with High Sierra products. We also bought an adjustable extension and I’m certain these are going to last us a long while. I opted for an included trickle valve and it’s very convenient, my water usage has dropped significantly. So glad I stumbled onto High Sierra while looking beyond Home Depot for a new showerhead. Win-win.

What Exactly Does a Trickle Valve Do Anyway?

A trickle valve is designed to reduce the flow of water coming from your shower head down to a trickle!  When you slowly push the button the water gradually decreases in flow down to a minuscule flow of water (trickle).  When you slowly push the button the other way it gradually increases in flow up to however many gallons per minute your shower head allows.  The trickle valve can be placed between your shower head and the shower arm.

So, why would you want a trickle valve?  Well whenever you have a task in the shower, other than rinsing, you can reduce the flow of water in order to save water and the energy used to heat it.  Shaving, lathering (you, your kid, or the family pet), taking a phone call, whatever it is you do in the shower.  Saving water has never been this easy in your household!

Why a trickle?  Why not just shut it all the way off?  Two reasons:  To comply with U.S. plumbing codes, the trickle valve has to flow at a minimal rate of .05 gpm to prevent scalding when in the off position.  The second reason is so you can rinse your razor of those long hairs you’ve neglected to shave this week!


High Sierra's Handhelds feel so good your pets may look forward to bathtime!*

*Probably not though, but that trickle valve will make your job a whole lot easier!

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