Nozzle Technology

Patented (U.S. patent #7,185,830) FCS™ Technology:

The pressure regulated stream of water is transformed into a full coverage spray of rain-like droplets.  Our patented nozzle technology gives you just the right force for showering and rinsing hair.

Small carbon footprint:
At about 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, this mighty mite uses less material and energy in its manufacture — and it won’t crowd a smaller shower area.

Non-plugging Design:
No need for gimmicky “self-cleaning” features with the FCS™ Technology. Water passageways are so large that they do not plug and do not need cleaning.

Pressure-compensating Flow Control:
Maintains constant 1.5 gpm* flow at varying pressures.

Here’s a graphic demonstration of why other shower heads clog.

Although the High Sierra Showerhead® flow is 40% less than traditional low flow shower heads, they are even less likely to plug. This is because of our recently patented nozzle technology design that creates a wide spray using a single orifice rather than many tiny orifices.

High Sierra Shower Heads Work Smart

Incredibly, the plugging problem of low flow shower heads is not limited to the orifices alone. Nearly all of our competitors’ models come equipped with the same pressure regulator design that directs water flowing into the shower head through a narrow gap between a flattened 0-ring and a plastic ring (see Photo B below).

This gap will likely plug before the shower head does. The High Sierra Showerhead® pressure regulator is the only one in the industry that regulates the flow of its shower heads using a time-tested single hole, conically shaped diaphragm with plenty of space for sand or similar size particles to pass through.

High Sierra Showerheads® patented nozzle technology and water-saving shower heads are the first in the world to completely discard the old-fashioned ways of producing a low flow shower. That is because the decades-old methods of creating sprays (namely using multiple orifices or injecting air) just do not work when flows are reduced to under 2 gpm.

High Sierra Showerheads® utilize a new green technology (FCS™) that produces a luxurious-feeling spray from as low as 1.25 gpm* without plugging, making noise, or creating temperature drops. It is truly an amazing shower experience.

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