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How High Sierra Showerheads® Began

In his passion for addressing and solving a need, David Malcolm applied his extensive knowledge of agricultural technology to design his patented showerheads. For over 15 years, David designed and manufactured high-efficiency FCI nozzles for agricultural and golf course irrigation. By facilitating nozzle manufacturing techniques similar to FCI sprinkler nozzles, David designed a unique hose-end nozzle for hand watering golf course greens in 2004. For the first time, golf green irrigators enjoyed a nozzle that does not plug and rapidly applied the precise amount of water without damaging turf, moving seed, or saturating the soil too quickly.

David’s experimentation resulted in a nozzle that mechanically erupts a stream of water into a controlled and consistent shower spray of large, soft droplets uniform in their size and distribution. In 2006, the realization struck of the potential applications that were possible by using his spray nozzle technology. This was the basis of his 1.5 GPM low-flow shower head that provides a stimulating shower that also saves water, energy, and money.

Today, the 1.5 GPM High Sierra Showerheads® are in full production and gain in popularity each year. Our designs incorporate a proven non-plugging technology that provides the feel of a conventional shower with the advantage of using 40% less water and the convenience of being virtually maintenance-free. David Malcolm was awarded a patent for his innovative nozzle technology in 2007 and a second patent is pending for his shower head designs.

Technology Inspired By Agriculture – Applied To Commercial and Private Use

The custom designs of the FCS devices at High Sierra Showerheads® are rooted in agricultural technology. Our product line virtually eliminates plugging problems that plague common water-saving, low-flow plumbing fixtures. With a full understanding that an irrigation device better not plug, David Malcolm’s chief motive and approach from the start was to apply agricultural technology to produce a better product for homes and institutions. Please click here for a detailed explanation of our nozzle technology and a chart outlining performance at various water pressures.* Accuracy of flow rate is ± 10% between 30 psi and 80 psi.

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High Sierra's low flow shower heads - How they're made - Built in the USA!
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High Sierra Showerheads® are the smart choice for individuals, businesses, or institutions wishing to conserve water and energy while enjoying the pleasure and effectiveness of a bracing, maintenance-free shower.

* Accuracy of flow rate is ± 10% between 30 psi and 80 psi

About Inventor David Malcolm
Read about how Inventor David Malcolm used his knowledge of agricultural technology to invent this shower head.

Some would say like father- like son. David Malcolm was born into an entrepreneurial family. His father, Richard Malcolm, was a water efficiency design engineer for a global behemoth of a company that dominated the niche of sprinkler irrigation products. Heeding his entrepreneurial spirit, Richard launched his company, Full Coverage Irrigation, or FCI, that designed water-conserving energy-efficient sprinkler irrigation products for agricultural use.

David grew up learning everything about the business from his father, and eventually, running the family business transferred to his care. During this time, David engineered an award-winning hose-end nozzle design that forever changed the way golf courses cared for their turf. Then an inspirational “aha moment” struck – David blended his low-flow 1.5 GPM nozzle design with his line of elegant shower heads to transcend all norms. David continues to design elite shower heads with refined contours and elegant lines – embodying a depth of color and distinctive water-saving characteristics fitting of the High Sierra Showerheads®’ trusted line of dependable products.

High Sierra's low flow shower heads - How they're made - Built in the USA!

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