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Combinations: for times when two is better than one!

High Sierra’s Combination Kits let you pair a fixed shower head with a versatile handheld shower head.

Choose your Kit in a finish to match your bathroom decor, and outfit it with your favorite shower heads from High Sierra’s line.

Two distinct Kit types are available:

  • The 3-Way Combination Kit is the easy, simple option. A single control – a diverter valve – lets you easily and conveniently direct the flow of water to either the fixed or handheld shower head. This Kit offers perfect simplicity in your home shower, as well as in hotels, fitness centers, student housing, and other settings where sustainably saving water and energy is paramount.
  • The 4-Way Combination Kit (shown in the photo at left) gives you ultimate choice in your showering experience. Run one shower head, or even both at the same time, with full spray force, for a luxurious, spa-like experience. Push-button trickle valves let you independently control the flow of each shower head.