High Sierra Showerheads

Marine and RV Shower Heads

Browse High Sierras’ selection of shower head finishes when deciding how to outfit your vehicle.  They look great and feel good!  Our all-metal marine and RV shower heads keep your low-flow needs in mind.  Models are available with a flow rate as low as 1.25 GPM and even though they’re low flow you can rely on them to get the shampoo out even the longest of hair.

Finite freshwater supplies and limited headroom are common with recreational vehicles and watercraft. We recommend choosing the 1.25 GPM product line to achieve maximum water conservation and enjoy a great showering experience. We also recommend the all-metal grip from our handhelds line to avoid the possibility of damage if the shower head is accidentally dropped.

Whether you’re shopping for a field van, travel trailer, motorhome, boat, or ship, High Sierra Showerheads can meet your needs.  Our shower heads save you up to 50% on water and on the energy to heat your shower water. Take longer hot showers and go more time on the road between water fill-ups.

Our marine and RV shower heads are built by American workers using domestic and imported parts, at the factory in the Sierra Nevada mountains. That supports good jobs in the USA.

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  • Handheld Shower Head

    All-Metal Classic™ Handheld Shower Head

    From $74.95 Parent All-Metal Classic™ Handheld Shower Head
  • FCS-100-CH

    Classic™ Fixed Shower Head

    From $39.95 FCS-100-CH