Spend more time exploring with your recreational vehicle and less time refilling!

High Sierra Showerheads specialize in reducing water and energy usage which means you can spend more time in the mountains or on the water and less time at the water pump.

High Sierra Showerheads: Built for Recreational Vehicles

Picture This:  You’re traveling through the Grand Tetons while enjoying the grand vistas.  You set up camp on the side of the road after driving for hours and are ready for a nice refresher so you start up your shower just to find out that you’re out of water.  That 2.5 GPM shower head sounded luxurious but you didn’t realize just how much water you’d burn through and how quickly.  Switching out those water-guzzling shower heads for a High Sierra feel-good, low-flow shower head could save you up to 50% of your water and the energy used to heat it.  

High Sierra Showerheads produce large droplets at rates as low as 1.25 GPM.  The large droplets cling to shampoo and conditioner which helps rinse them out of long hair.  Large droplets also mean no stinging sensation that you get from conventional shower heads so upgrade your recreational vehicle’s shower head to a High Sierra to get that feel-good, low -flow action!

Handhelds for RVs Mean Versatility

A High Sierra Handheld Showerhead can be used for many applications.  Connect multiple hoses together utilizing our High Sierra Hose Connector to give you extra length.

The trickle valve, built into the handle, can be pressed to reduce flow to a trickle in order to accomplish miscellaneous tasks such as washing the dishes in the sink, filling pots for cooking, or hosing down dirty clothes outside.  The trickle valve is convenient for single hand use, so with just one hand, you can turn up the flow, make it gentler, or cut it to a trickle.

Adding the optional rubberized, slip-free grip allows you to tackle even your wettest, soapiest tasks with ease, like hosing down the muddy dog.  It’s never been this easy on the road!

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

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Polished Brass

July 24, 2022
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My RV shower head that came with the RV (the cheap white plastic type) was so bad that I would waste almost all the hot water trying to rinse off. I was gifted by a friend the High Sierra shower head with the hose. The hose mounted easily to the existing faucet in the shower. The shower head hung in the existing plastic holder on the wall. I took my first shower with it and it was amazing. My first thought was why are these not standard in every RV and for that matter hotel rooms. It was hard to believe it was low flow and that it saves water because the pressure was great snd it felt to me more water was coming out. I could shower fast now without draining the hot water tank. The hose was extra long too so I could wash my feet easier and all the “other” areas. The quality is top notch. Since then I have been in numerous hotels and Airbnb’s and everyone is tired of me complaining about the poor water pressure. Seriously though, this High Sierra shower head should really be in all rv’s and hotels. I love it and thank you to my friend for gifting me one.
Dec. 21, 2022
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We bought the High Sierra handheld unit for our van shower and we are extremely happy with the quality! I was skeptical at first that a low-flow showerhead would feel good but it does just as they advertise. We had a plastic handheld previously that hurt when you used it. I am glad that thing is gone!

Things to Look for in Your Recreational Vehicle's Next Shower Head

Saving Water and Energy

High Sierra’s shower heads save you up to 50% on water and on the energy to heat your shower water.  Take longer hot showers.  And go more time on the road between fill-ups.

Washing Long, Thick Hair on the Road

Customer reviews from people with long and/or thick hair consistently say High Sierra’s shower heads are extraordinary.

Made From Durable Metal

High Sierra’s shower heads are built to last.  They’re made from solid metal:  brass and stainless steel, with tips of heavy-duty zinc.  You can depend on them when you’re at remote locations in your recreational vehicle.

Install-and-Go Convenience

High Sierra’s shower heads have a simple, straight water path with no small holes anywhere.  They won’t clog up over time from hard water minerals, so their spray stays strong and full, every time!

Natural Feeling Spray

High Sierra’s large, heavy, high-energy droplets feel natural and rain-like.  As one customer wrote, spray is “like a summer downpour.”

Built in the USA

High Sierra’s shower heads are built by American workers using domestic and imported parts, at their factory in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  That supports good jobs in the USA!  (Factory tour here!)

Perfectly Built for the Road
Just Like Your Adventure Van

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Boats: Save Water on the Water

Finite freshwater supplies and limited headroom are common in watercraft.  We recommend choosing the 1.25 GPM product line to achieve maximum water conservation and enjoy a great showering experience.  We also recommend the all-metal grip from our handhelds line to avoid the possibility of damage if the shower head is accidentally dropped.

High Sierra helps your hot water heater keep up by limiting the flow of water without sacrificing the good feeling you get when showering.  Our trickle valve can save your bathroom from getting soaked as well if you have a wet bathroom setup.


Recreational Vehicle Boat

Trickle Valve

Our High Sierra push button Trickle Valve easily controls the flow of water or shuts it off to just a trickle, while lathering, for even greater savings.

Simply push the button one way to reduce the flow and push it back to when you’re ready to resume full spray – You can push the button all the way or anywhere in between to get that perfect spray.

Large water passageways mean virtually no pressure loss.

Solid Metal Construction – The entire unit is made of brass including the button.

Wall Handheld Holder for Perfect Placement in Your RV.

Need to figure out where to hold your new handheld?  Our High Sierra Wall Handheld Holder can be placed almost anywhere!  It comes with two self-tapping screws that go through a durable sticky pad making it extra tough.

Securely holds most handheld shower units.

No ball-joint swivel and is factory pre-set to the optimum angle for most showers.

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