The Ultimate Shower Hack

Get a fast, flawless shave thanks to a truly fog-free mirror

Love shower shaving?
Make it 5X better!

You love shaving in the shower. But not those nicks and cuts. Missed spots. Shaving strokes that go off course.

If only there was a truly fog-free mirror in your shower. You’d get a smooth shave and be out the door, refreshed and confident.

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Introducing Reflections™

The world’s first shower head with a built-in, fog-free mirror

In a steamy bathroom, mirrors fog up. Basic science.

Until now!

Warm water, flowing through the Reflections shower head, keeps its solid aluminum mirror fog-free.

So innovative, it’s based on two US patents.

Other shower mirror products often have fog-free coatings that can rub off, or suction cups or tape that can come loose. Not this one!

People love this mirror – and not just for shaving. It’s handy for other personal care and health needs in the shower, too. For everyone in your household. (Even a quick “did I get all the products out of my hair?” check.)

An extraordinary shower head, as well!

Making a luxurious spray much like nature does

Reflections also features the highly-reviewed nozzle featured on over 15 Best Shower Heads lists by major publications; the recipient of its own US patent. Shower heads using this nozzle have been installed in vast numbers by institutions such as Ohio State, Purdue, and the US Air Force Academy.

This nozzle makes its luxurious spray much like nature does – via collision, like a waterfall or ocean waves. It splits water into two streams and then collides them back together, sending a cascade of large, heavy, high-energy droplets out a single opening. Reviewers say it makes a “drenching, rainlike spray.”

Flow diagram for High Sierra's innovative, single nozzle

Cross-section view of the innovative nozzle.

This unique nozzle drenches you in large droplets!

Supercharge your setup!

Accessories that enhance your new Reflections


This Adjustable Shower Arm Extension lets you put Reflections’ mirror in the just-right spot in your shower for any bather!

High Sierra's Combo Kit, with Handheld and Reflections shower heads, in Nickel finish

The Combo Kit lets you pair Reflections with a handheld shower head, for both versatility and a spa-like experience.

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