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3/16 inch Spanner Wrench

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  • 3/16" Spanner Wrench
  • Used for installation with: FCS-100-VRM131618NS, FCS-100-VRF1214NS, FCS-100-VRM1214, FCS-100-VRF3818NS, FCS-100-VRM91618, FCS-100-VRM3478NS, FCS-100-VRMZURNNS, FCS-100-VRMZURN, FCS-100-VRMCHATHNS, FCS-100-VRMCHATH, FCS-100-VRM1220, FCS-100-VRM3416, FCS-100-VRM1214-MC, FCS-100-VRM12518, FCS-100-VRM12518NS, FCS-100-VRM141P, A1.25X12M (Symmons Adapter), A1.25-20X1214M (Chatham/Zurn Adapter)
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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions Width: 0.25 in | Height: 0.25 in | Depth: 4 in


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