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Customizable Classic™ Fixed Shower Head

(947 customer reviews)
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Brass
Polished Brass
Matte Black
Matte Black
1.25 gpm WaterSense
1.25 gpm WaterSense
1.5 gpm WaterSense
1.5 gpm WaterSense
1.8 gpm WaterSense
1.8 gpm WaterSense
2.0 gpm
2.0 gpm
2.5 gpm
2.5 gpm

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Solid Metal Construction

Solid Metal Construction

Will Not Clog

Will Not Clog

Save Water & Money

Save Water & Money

Built in the USA

Built in the USA

Fast, Free Shipping

Fast, Free Shipping

*Patent #7,185,830

The Classics™ are the original High Sierra Showerheads® models introduced in 2011 and were constructed using a hybrid of metal parts and a single plastic part. Today, the new Classic PLUS™ shower heads are solid metal with no plastic parts. As with the original Classics™, they are small in size which makes them ideal for smaller shower enclosures and for over tubs. You will be amazed that such a wide and strong spray of large droplets can come from such a small shower head. Each one features our precise and self-adjusting flow regulator to deliver a constant flow over a very wide range of pressures (25 psi – 80 psi).


List of regions we do not recommend the 2.5 GPM flow rate:

California – 1.8 gpm
Ft. Collins, Colorado – 1.8 gpm & WaterSense certified for new constructions
Colorado – 2.0 gpm & WaterSense certified
Miami-Dade County, Florida – 1.5 gpm & WaterSense certified
Broward County, Florida – 2.0 gpm & WaterSense certified
Hawaii – 1.8 gpm
Chicago, Illinois – 2.0 gpm & WaterSense certified
Massachusetts – 2.0 gpm
Rockville, Maryland – 2.0 gpm
Nevada – 2.0 gpm
New Jersey – 2.0 gpm & WaterSense certified
New Your City – 2.0 gpm & WaterSense certified
Oregon – 1.8 gpm
Vermont – 2.0 gpm
Washington – 1.8 gpm
Washinton D.C. – 2.0 gpm & WaterSense certified

Today, the new Classic PLUS™ shower heads are solid metal with no plastic parts. It feels uniformly warm, drenching, and there’s no empty spots between the spray. It truly feels like a shower that uses double the water. It also manages to deliver a splashing sensation without stinging. Top 5 Best Showerheads blog by Wirecutter: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/the-best-shower-head/#also-great-high-sierra-1-5-gpm-high-efficiency-low-flow-showerhead


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947 reviews for Customizable Classic™ Fixed Shower Head

  1. swissrudie (verified owner)

    I replaced an old adjustable extension arm with one from High Sierra. Simple install. Back in the late 1970s I had a terrific shower head, called “The Wizard” (made by Logan Manufacturing, Glendale, CA). That one stayed in the house when I moved in 1987. Since 1987, I’ve been trying to locate another one, with no luck (out of business I guessed). I have had many cheap brand name plastic heads. none of them halfway decent. The cheap one I put back up on the High Sierra extension was still junk. After reading many reviews, I decided this “Fixed Classic” was close to what I had been looking for. That “Wizard” head also had a flow restrict lever, a ball joint adjustment to direct the spray and a spray that is just like the High Sierra “Classic”. My search is ended! I love this shower head!

  2. Darren Kloomok (verified owner)

    Looks simple, but delivers a great stream of water. Beats the one I replaced by many GPM

  3. Tiffany C.

    My previous shower head was old and had turned to a trickle. I assumed there was something wrong with the pipes, but figured I’d try to install a new shower head myself to see if I could solve the problem. Boy, am I glad I did! I bought the classic 1.5GPM and it was a game changer! First, the install directions were spot on. I’m not very handy, but with a little WD-40 and a wrench, I removed the old shower head and replaced it my new High Sierra shower head. The change in water pressure and stream was phenomenal. I now want to change all my shower heads to High Sierra! Plus, it saved me from paying for a plumber to come out and tell me I just needed to change my shower head. I highly recommend this shower head.

  4. Mike Bernard – Troy MI (verified owner)

    I bought 2 High Sierra Shower Heads – a 1.5 GPM AND a 1.25 GPM… Both are fantastic and you get a great shower experience using 40 to 50 percent less water / sewer / natural gas or electric for hot water!!! I recommend the 1.5 GPM shower heads from High Sierra – your shower experience will be equivalent to a regular 2.5 GPM shower head – and you will save 40 percent on utility costs. I’ve tried competitors 1.75 and 2.0 GPM shower heads and they don’t stack up. Again, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 1.5 GPM High Sierra shower heads – you will not be disappointed!! They are a little pricey, but totally worth it!!! I am a very fussy and particular person and I strongly recommend the 1.5 GPM shower heads from High Sierra.

  5. Saverio (verified owner)

    I recently installed the 1.25 GPM shower head. It is fantastic, with plenty of volume and a nice spray. I was a bit concerned about ordering a new shower head with such low water consumption rate, but I’m glad that I did. Highly recommended.

  6. Dan R. (verified owner)

    I chose the 1.25 gpm head. The old shower head I was replacing was a 2.5 gpm head with a circumference of about a foot. This unit from High Sierra is VERY compact and I was skeptical when I received it. It has not disappointed at all. A couple things from this buyer that influence my personal review. It is a major plus that these are made in the USA, and the second thing is the money I have saved in both water use and water heat. Neither of those things will make you a millionaire, but they play a role in my satisfaction. If neither of those things matter to you I would advise going with another box store shower head. But I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone. This reviewer loves it.

  7. Anonymous

    Love it, look good with big drops.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful design! Recently, we reduced our water pressure from 100psi to 80psi. Suddenly, our showers seemed like a sprinkle of water. This unit is better than the old shower head at 100psi!

  9. Anonymous


  10. Sam (verified owner)

    (1.8) Feels really good, truly does feel better than a standard shower head. It is powerful enough to push soap etc off my legs unlike others.

  11. Bill

    We were so impressed with the 1.25 gpm shower head, we bought another for our daughter’s shower. She is handicapped in a wheelchair and has to use a shower chair, so a hand held shower is a must. We purchased the hose, hand held unit and trickle valve with the 1.25 gpm head. I didn’t tell her when I installed it. When she took her first shower with it, the response was worth every penny. She said it didn’t spray everywhere like the old one and made rinsing her hair a lot easier without spraying in her eyes. So if you or anyone in your household is handicapped, this is the setup you need to make showering easier. Thank you High Sierra for making our handicapped daughter’s showers easier.

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    What sorcery is this? The 5.7L HS classic is “wetter” than a standard 9L/min head it replaced hete in Australia. To wok here all I needed was a 1/2 in NPT male to1/2 in BSP female adapter off ebay. This brilliant High Sierra shower head will save me thousands in hot water heating costs over its lifetime. Wow. Beautiful. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous

    I used to dread getting in our shower and now I look forward to it! This tiny shower head provides great pressure and my husband didn’t believe me when I said it was low flow. Happy to know I’m doing something to help with conservation and happy to enjoy showers again. Highly recommend!

  14. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Bought 1.5 gpm. Soooo much power! Need trickle valve on one of them because so powerful. have recommended your shower heads to many people.

  15. Steve S (verified owner)

    Bought the 1.5 head for our small camper as an upgrade, we have small freshwater tank so water usage really needs to be managed.
    Decided to move to the 1.25, tested at home and it was good and just didn’t have a ‘full’ feeling. Moved the 1.5 in-house and I could feel a difference (more of an ‘ahh’ feeling). The 1.25 is definitely adequate and enjoyable; just more of a true minimalist setup. We’ll still get a decent shower w/less water in the camper)

  16. Anonymous

    1.5 GPM version was just purchased. impressed by the quality of the product. works very well!

  17. David P

    Love the look and quality of my new 1.5gpm shower head. Much better than the old 2.5gpm shower.

  18. David P

    Love the new 1.5gpm shower. Feels better than the old 2.5. standard head.
    Will order another hand held.

  19. Phil

    We love this small but mighty shower head! The 1.25 GPM version has plenty of pressure and provides a nice spray. On top of all the water savings, I am looking forward to easier maintenance. Our old shower head was a nightmare to keep clean with constant lime/mineral deposits on all the nozzles. An excellent product from a great company!

  20. Yez

    Love it, best one out there!

  21. Joanna Perry-Folino (verified owner)

    Easy to install and fun to stand under….so I bought another for a second shower in my home, only this time one that has a trickle valve. The fact I am conserving water in California makes me a very happy woman.

  22. Andrew

    I was worried about it giving a stinging sensation similar to a yard sprinkler since it doesn’t deliver water in multiple streams like other shower heads. It succeeds in the promise of delivering large droplets that feel more aggressive but still soothing. For the price, it is an amazing showerhead with great spray. It is one of the only lead free products you can buy. Other then lack luster looks I would recommend this to most buyers since shower heads that would compete with this one would cost over 125$.

  23. John P

    We have 3 full bathrooms in our house and I’ve installed a classic 1.25 gpm High Sierra Fixed Showerhead in each one. They provide plenty of water output so I don’t know anyone would ever need to purchase a head with a higher flow rate. When buying, I also highly recommend purchasing one with the optional trickle valve. I wasn’t sure at first if this would be a necessary addition but now that I’ve been able to try it out I’ve found that it is a really nice feature. I enjoy being able to toggle down the flow rate even further if desired. I like to partially engage the trickle valve to approximately 1/4th of the way on and find that this provides a gentler, less noisy flow, but still gives plenty of water to effectively shower – and saves even more water!

  24. Jim (verified owner)

    I own several on a large property. They provide a really satisfying low flow spray and don’t clog up with mineral. We are on our own water and very occasionally I have had to unscrew one when a big chunk gets caught in the on/off slider. Solid metal, beautiful finish, really satisfying product.

  25. Rochelle Weiner (verified owner)

    This is our 2nd High Sierra shower head — the first was a dome rain shower head, and now this simple, but powerful, shower head. We bought the 1.5 GPM version, and cannot imagine what the higher GPMs are like, since this gives out a terrific ‘shpritz”. We gave up a fancy Grohe device for High Sierra, and couldn’t be happier.

  26. Anonymous

    2.0 GMP version works fine

  27. Richard Maddock (verified owner)

    I bought the Classic 1.8 gpm shower head with a trickle valve. It has been a revelation! I am now using no more than 30% as much water per shower as I had been using with my conventional shower head. I reduce the water flow to a trickle when I am soaping up and scrubbing, then turn it up to about 1.0 gpm when I am rinsing or soaking. The head design is so efficient that even at only 1 gpm, it never feels like the flow is inadequate. If I want a blast of water when I first step into the shower in the morning, I open it all the way to 1.8 gpm. It leaves nothing to be desired. Because of the drought in my area, I’ve been telling my friends about this remarkable shower head. After I owned this shower head for a few months, I bought a second one for my other bathroom. I hope this design becomes the norm in the water-conserving times ahead. If you need a new or better shower head, get one of these!

  28. Jim Vaughn (verified owner)

    I bought the 1.5gpm shower head about a year ago. That one was absolutely fine – nothing at all wrong with it. When the 1.25gpm shower head went on sale, the price was low enough I thought I’d give it a try. They are both great, I’m sticking with the 1.25 – it’s more than adequate.

    This shower head, coupled with a new Rinnai tankless water heater (the 20 year old Takagi wasn’t as efficient), has cut the gas bill in half during non-heating season months.

    Thank you for a very well made product that works as advertised.

  29. R Alder

    Love this, we bought the 1.25 Gallon shower head and we are saving a ton of water, water heating, and dehumidifying our bathroom after showers. And I actually prefer the shower this gives to our older higher flow head.

  30. Phil

    Great shower head. It uses less water per minute but doesn’t feel very different from the regular shower heads. Also, I love the added button to stop/start/reduce the flow of water. It’s been working out great. (And the delivery was surprisingly fast.)

  31. Anonymous

    So far so good. My sister is the manager at a very larger plumbing supply store, I told her about your stuff.

  32. Phil E. (verified owner)

    2-minute installation with a wrench. Quality all-metal construction. 1.8gpm doesn’t feel like it’s water-efficient with it’s generous flow, but I trust it’s saving water! The water droplets are indeed large as stated, and it’s creates a nice effect. Not abrasive as with high-pressure jets, but substantial, so it’s easy to quickly get the job done in the mornings without standing in the shower for too long. The showerhead pivots far enough in every direction to get the water going where you need it to, and it stays in place. If practicality is important to you, then this ticks all the boxes.

  33. Jim G

    Fast delivery. Very reasonable price for the quality. I looked and looked for a quality shower head made in the USA. I found it. Worth the price and will recommend to anyone looking for a shower head made in the USA. The shower is great.

  34. Christine A (verified owner)

    I recently installed the 1.5 gpm showerhead. I love it! So much more enjoyable than my former 1.8 gpm. It feels like the full flow, “real” showers of yesteryear!

  35. Aaron Muir Hamilton (verified owner)

    1.25gpm doesnt seem like a lot, but it’s plenty with this design; I think it could probably work with even less.

    Way better showering experience than my previous 2.5gpm head. The trickle valve works a treat, and can be set half-way for a middle ground between trickling and showering.

    I used a pliers-wrench to install it; took just a couple minutes and it didn’t scuff or scratch.

    Customizable Classic™ Fixed Shower Head
  36. Tom Johnson (verified owner)

    Excellent product and customer service! Well-made, simple design..I’d expect this product to last for decades. And, Made in
    the USA! Just installed my second shower head.

  37. Matt (verified owner)

    A simple, solid piece of engineering. Works perfectly.

  38. Brian (verified owner)

    I had purchased one of these about 8 months ago to see how I would like the 1.5 gpm flow. I do not notice any difference while shower from my older 2.5 gpm flow shower head, but I do notice that there is less water building up on the shower pan and flowing down the drain. It does produce a little more noise but much. I have since purchased a second one of these shower heads for my other bathroom. I also like the metal construction.

  39. Benjamin (verified owner)

    I’m glad I found High Sierra and have started recommending to friends.
    The pipes in our house need to be replaced and probably the municipal water isn’t the greatest. It isn’t uncommon for us to have to replace showerheads every so often which is all too easy to do. Showerheads from big box stores are cheap and inexpensive; the materials used in their construction reflect that. This isn’t the case with High Sierra products. We also bought an adjustable extension and I’m certain these are going to last us a long while. I opted for an included trickle valve and it’s very convenient, my water usage has dropped significantly. So glad I stumbled onto High Sierra while looking beyond Home Depot for a new showerhead. Win-win.

  40. Anonymous

    I ordered a second Classic WaterSense 1.8 gpm with the trickle valve for the other bath because I liked the way it looks and the feel of the spray. Mainly I like having the trickle valve, because it makes me mindful while showering by letting me lather up and not waste water.

  41. Craig Siefkas

    I bought a ‘low flow’ shower head in the early 1990’s, 2.5gpm and sprayed in a cone. I checked onto a Navy Cruiser, and one our berthings four showers was missing a shower head. I put my nearly new one on and found I couldn’t use it because everyone else liked it also. Wound up getting two more. I’ve been using that same shower head for thirty years, but the rubber gasket finally started deteriorating. In searching for a replacement gasket, I came across these High Sierra shower heads. I got a 1.5 gpm and found it does NOT spray in a cone. It is not a bad pattern, but not like the one I’ve used for thirty plus years. The pattern is narrower, the droplets seem to be larger, and the spray not as cutting but what I personally feel is too much flow. I was talking to my brother, a greens-keeper, and he sent me a picture of one of the golf course hose nozzles they use to water greens. I sent him my 1.5 gpm and ordered a 1.25 gpm with the shut-off. To be honest, without the label and nozzle color I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two as far as flow and pattern go. I had become quite adept at taking my old shower head apart to remove scale and replace o-rings, will be nice to not have to do that with this one.
    Some things of note: the head will ‘flop’ if it isn’t tightened on the shower arm adequately, and too tight means the head is quite difficult to adjust.
    The head is several inches long, about twice the length of my old cone type — If I ever redo the shower, I will raise the shower arm at least a few inches higher.
    Cost: This head is pricy — but I wouldn’t have bought two if I didn’t think it was worth it. Almost every component is made in the U.S.A. and it is worth it to support my neighbors and save water. Also, as I mentioned the rubber gasket giving out, I asked that they send a spare gasket along, which they did with no issues. I really appreciate that service.

  42. D.Hall (verified owner)

    Excellent product that works great and saves water! I bought the Classic 1.5 shower heads . There was a mix up in the order and the customer service I received was great. We are completely satisfied customers and will buy again from this company.

  43. Sandra Costell (verified owner)

    Excellent shower head, focused spray, low flow, and attractive brass finish. Just what I wanted. And quick delivery.

  44. Homer Temple (verified owner)

    Man, these shower heads are GREAT! I installed them in about 5 minutes, each. Very easy. They look better than those flying-saucer types everybody is selling. Very sleek & sexy. And they work absolutely as advertised! I actually take shorter showers now. My wife likes hers & we’re very happy. And made here, for the most part. I’ll recommend them to anyone!

  45. John M (verified owner)

    I’ve tried low flow showerheads in the past and they’ve been disappointing to say the least. As my water rate keeps getting higher, I decided to try again and found High Sierra’s product. The fact that it’s mostly made in the USA added to my interest. I didn’t test the flow rate after I installed it so I can’t attest to how close it is to 1.5 GPM but as a shower head, it works great. So much so, I ordered another on in polished brass to go with the plumbing in a second bathroom and will soon be ordering two more of them.

  46. Anonymous

    Due to water restrictions in NorCal we purchased the 1.5 GPM shower head with the trickle toggle. We are very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to conserve some water.

  47. Anonymous

    This showerhead is AWESOME. I live in a 1950s apartment building in DC. We are lucky to have good water pressure, but the showerhead I had before was sad. Purchased this at 2.0 gpm–it is a totally different experience. Honestly, the best shower I have ever had. Just buy it.

  48. Thein Soe Win (verified owner)

    Have been a customer of this company’s products for ten+ years. Good, solid products and this one is the same. Saves water but provides a satisfying shower. Buy with confidence.

  49. Kathy (verified owner)

    I’m not as pleased as I’d hoped. I chose 2GPM, and that was perhaps my mistake. The margins of shower spray are too uneven. When I try to rinse my face, it wets my hair in random places. The spray is comfortable and I feel it does a good job when rinsing my washed hair, but the random spray edges is a bother. I will keep the shower head, as it’s very well made. But, I’ll put it on my outdoor shower instead.

  50. Roy Mingus (verified owner)

    Exceeds expectations! This is an metal so many shower heads are plastic. Our house has plastic water pipes so it is low water pressure. This shower head is a perfect fit. I bought this shower head because I was watching Youtube channel Life Uncontained and they were installing one in their shower. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT4nO_nBd8c

  51. Anonymous

    The shower head works well. The service I got before purchasing was exceptional.

  52. Kevin D (verified owner)

    I was looking online for water saving shower heads for my house built in the 1850’s, and since I was using well water and had limited water pressure, was not looking for water saving aeration models. My research led me to the High Sierra brand and I ordered one for my basement where I showered, and a second hand held model for my elderly mother on the first floor shower. I recently ordered a third HS model for the second floor shower that is for campers and RV’s. The engineer that designed these High Sierra models is a genius and deserves the patents and the profits that come come with great product design. There are models and finishes for every possible shower installation. High Sierra shower heads get my highest recommendation!

  53. Sean W (verified owner)

    I bought this to replace a Niagara Conservation (1 GPM to 1.5GPM) shower head that died after four months of use. I did have to lower the volume of water coming out of the 1.25 GPM Sierra Showerhead due to the volume coming out being more than my small hot water heater (Tiny House) could make, but the pressure and spray pattern are amazing. I have the shower mixer set to 1/2 way and it provides plenty of pressure and hot water. Keep up the great work!

    Also the shower head looks like a piece of art too, excellent machining.

  54. Sarah

    I was blown away by the minimal packaging and the small size of the unit itself. The flow is great and I find that I have to mix in much more cold water to get the right temperature so I am not only using less water but also less hot water. I love this product and this company!

  55. Madonna (verified owner)

    I used this showerhead to replace a large conventional showerhead in my upstairs bathroom that was struggling to maintain strong water pressure. The High Sierra showerhead consistently delivers better pressure than the previous showerhead – and saves water at the same time!

  56. Bill Krumbein (verified owner)

    Now both our showers are equipped with your 1.5 GPM shower heads. When we decided to put in a new shower, purchasing one of your shower heads was a no brainer. Top quality throughout.

  57. John McCaffree (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the amount of flow for a 1.8 gpm head. Small but effective for a water saving head. Made in USA is a plus too.

  58. Anonymous

    Simply the best low volume shower head on the market. My wife andf I remodeled out bathroom and used matte black fixtures throughout. High Sierra painted the fixture matte black for me. Big thank you to High Sierrra

  59. William A. Jokela (verified owner)

    I replaced an old restricted flow shower head with a trickle valve because the trickle head was starting to fail. No matter which position the trickle valve was in a fine stream of water would spray, on the window curtain in the bathroom oror on the shower stall in tbe other direction. It was also partially plastic. My new shower head is brushed nickel with a high quality appearance. The spray is very even and the trickle valve has no leaks arround the fitting no matter the position. I am very pleased and would highly recommend this shower head.

  60. Michael B,

    Just got this today. Installed it and I’m pleasantly surprised at the size of the droplets. Very strong stream for a restricted flow shower head. I would;
    l would highly recommend one of these to anyone.

  61. Justine Zimiles (verified owner)

    Very happy with the showerhead!! The water pressure somehow seems better than our old 2.5 gal/min shower head. I was worried about prior commenters saying the product was noisy but I don’t find that the case at all.

    • David Malcolm (verified owner)

      Thanks Justine for your honest review. In the majority of shower stalls the High Sierra shower head should be only slightly louder than a conventional shower head. However, in small number of cases the significantly lower flow rate of the High Sierra can result in a louder sound. When the noise is particularly bothersome we recommend changing the High Sierra to a different flow rate which nearly always corrects the problem. Best Regards, David Malcolm

  62. Steve S.

    After three attempts to find a shower head that would be appropriate for our small shower, we have finally found success with the High Sierra 1.5 model. It installed quickly and easily and has exceeded our expectations with a pleasant stream great for hair washing. A wonderful product!

  63. Anonymous

    Best on the market for the last 10 plus years that I have used them. I continue to buy for friends and the environment.

  64. GTOCharlie

    Works great and saving on water use.

  65. Katie

    Finally found this gem of a shower head. Although it lacks the individual beaded streams of water that a larger shower head would produce, the pressure is awesome and we’re not wasting a ton of water every time we take a shower. Does not disappoint.

  66. SojuTX

    We went with the 2.0 GPM, and we both love it. The water comes out in a strong blast and the droplets are larger enough to retain their heat and drench us. Beautiful, modern look in brushed nickel. I can’t wait to take a shower everyday.

  67. Michael R.

    I was a little shocked at how small this was when it arrived but when I turned it on, wow! It provides a very forceful stream of water that is just right for those who like a little more than the trickle usually associated with water efficient showers. In fact, sometimes its hard to believe that this one is! It is slightly louder than some other shower heads but not at a level that is really noticeable or bothersome. Would definitely recommend buying.

  68. HP

    Smallest shower head I’ve head, but was amazed by the water pressure and even felt like it warmed up much quicker then other shower heads Ive had. Highly recommend this product.

  69. Chino

    Love it! Precisely what I was looking for. Living +5000 ft. high, water pressure is diminished. The High Sierra solved the problem, taking a shower is like being under a waterfall!

  70. Nivramelad

    I have tried many different shower heads this one here I love the way it feels standing under the water it’s just very relaxing

  71. RLW01

    The reviewers who spoke to low pressure and this unit — thanks! More than right. This replaced a 1.5 gpm that I installed in 2009; it needed more than a calcium clean – it needed newer technology. This has it in spades. We like invigorating showers; this delivers. We live in an old house with some 100 year old plumbing; this compensates for the lower pressure and then some. Don’t know its longevity; but for now, it’s just what we were hoping for.

  72. Mark G.

    We live in an area prone to drought. Before installing this showerhead I was using an older showerhead which I had removed the limiter from. Great pressure but very wasteful of water. Now I get the best of both worlds. This showerhead which was the 1.8 GPM version puts out a ton of water pressure, without wasting water. (I will say that the 1.5 GPM version was a little less luxurious in terms of water flow.) I put this on a Delta extension arm, and it’s fabulous. Highly recommended if you want to save water without feeling like you’re standing in a trickle.

  73. R. Spain

    Top quality material with a flow system that looks as though it could not clog. I am planning to use it for many years.

  74. Amazon Customer

    Works great. We have no issues w running out of hot water now

  75. DRS

    I just finished my first shower with this incredible little shower head. I have tried all the latest, greatest heads that claimed to save water without compromising a refreshing shower. Never, have I found a head that releases such a heavy flow of water and is actually saving a ton of water. My current 2.5 gpm head puts out a hard but somewhat stinging showers. This head feels like it is putting out 3 or 4 gpm. I almost feel guilty for wasting so much water but I actually saved gallons. Buy this or I will refund your money!

  76. Amazon Customer

    When I purchased the shower head, I removed it from the package and it felt as if the ball that controls the angle of the showerhead was too loose but once I installed the showerhead, (which was very simple to do), the item works very nicely. We are on our own well, so the water pressure has been low. This item makes the water pressure much better. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  77. Anne Gormley

    Very happy with the product and noticed a nice drop in our water/ oil bill.

  78. Gulfcoastkimbo

    Amazing. Still can’t believe it’s only 1.5 gpm. We installed this in a vintage camper with a 6 gal water heater, and we have hot water for at least 5 minutes CONTINUOUS. In fact, quite a bit longer because we have to use the trickle valve to slow down the water pressure – it’s that good. No need to trickle while lathering. We have more than enough hot water to take a relaxed and comfortable shower, shampoo and all.

  79. Paula J. KELLY

    If you want a low flow showerhead with force, look no further! I wanted to reduce use in order to save hot water in a large rental home. I received this shower head and ordered four more. High quality and super easy to install.

  80. Flip flop lover

    Very happy with shower head. Easy to install and and it conserves water usage.

  81. JayCee0055

    High quality finish that doesn’t dull with multiple cleanings, good output that I have home tested and is accurate at 1.5 gpm. These are expensive shower heads, but they deliver as promised and provide an effective amount of water for bathing. Would recommend.

  82. Eric Scherstrom

    Great pressure for low flow

  83. Amazon Customer

    This is a great showerhead, especially for the price. It was exactly what I was looking for and exceeding expectations so far.

  84. user1029

    This shower head is small, looks and feels sturdy, was trivial to install, and works as advertised.I went from a 2.5gal adjustable (turn a screw to change pressure/spread) to this, and I feel like I get more drenched now even though I’m using less water. I think the spray is more concentrated; I feel like I’ve had to adjust settings for the hot water to be a little less hot.The shower head is a little noisier than the old one I had, but not enough to be a problem for me.

  85. Hex

    This shower head is great! Reminds me of the shower heads they have at LA Fitness. I couldn’t believe my shower went from a gentle trickle to high pressure and it only uses 1.5 gps. I loved my rainfall showerhead but it used 2.5 gps. Anyway, it’s a good shower head but a little too pricy.

  86. Amazon Customer

    Love the shower head. Great quality materials easy to install would definitely buy another one!!

  87. Bill

    After using a 2 gpm shower head, I had my doubts about a 1.5 gmp. After constantly cleaning the small holes in my ‘name brand’ head, I read about the unique design of this unit. As a mechanic, I just HAD to open it up to see the difference. The machining is as meticulous on the inside as the finish on the outside. Our well pump kicks on at 30 lbs. and off at 50 lbs. of pressure. You could feel the pressure change with the old head. With the High Sierra, the pressure is constant. After a shower the old head used to drip onto the tub spout below and leave water spots. When you turn the water off, the High Sierra empties with a short dribble and that’s it – no more drops. The ‘feel’ is more like a 2.5 gpm flow, but the stream going to the drain is MUCH smaller than before. I like that the spray pattern is more focused which makes for easier rinsing. One review complained of the spray being too intense and stinging. Well, perhaps with a sunburn – but I prefer to exit the shower feeling invigorated and refreshed, not just ‘wet’. The flow is not wimpy but it’s not a car wash nozzle either. The trickle valve lets you choose to reduce the flow all the way down to a true trickle. With a 220V well pump not kicking on as often, and a 220V water heater not having to heat as much water, the High Sierra will reduce the electricity usage. The shower head may be small, simple and seem a little expensive for its size until you consider the superb craftsmanship, water & electricity savings and how many prototypes they had to machine until this design was perfected. It IS unique. It IS different. But after the first shower, you’ll be sold on this High Sierra shower head. We’re getting another for the other bathroom, and telling family & friends about High Sierra. Really – it’s that good.

  88. Amazon Customer

    This is by far the best shower head you can buy. I went from a light rain to a firehose. Love this!

  89. Deb

    We have a well with plenty of pressure, however, it has a low recovery rate. We decided to give this a try, and WOW were we impressed! Comes out strong, and consistent. Has a pretty good pivoting radius.We did however decide to return the single unit and replaced with the same that included the hand wand and extension hose for ease of cleaning the tub and shower. This works the same with full pressure and flow.

  90. anhoh

    I wanted to do my part to reduce fossil fuel and water use but I was skeptical of a low flow shower head as the ones years ago were terrible and not enough power to rinse soap off. I must say I am surprised and really pleased at how strong a flow of water comes out of this. It is more powerful than the kohler head my shower came with. Provides a perfect width spray and more than adequate to rinse hair and skin easily. I will not miss the normal shower heads at all. Some reviews said its “loud” – I am sensitive to noise and it is by no means loud. Its slightly more sound than a regular shower but nothing disturbing in any way. Really well designed, solid piece of plumbing. Buy it and save on heating and water bills.

  91. RAZ

    Best shower head ever! Save money and it feels so good. I use to hate long showers. Now, I can easily spend hours showering. It feels so good in your skin too! Cons, if you are not a fan of loud-ish showers then this might be for you. I don’t mind, and it’s well forth the mild increase in loudness this little shower head gives in comparison to amazing shower you will get!

  92. toni m foster

    When it arrived I was quite skeptical because it is so small. After it was installed, I was so happy with the pressure from this small shower head. It is so much better than my old one. I recommend it to all who want a great shower experience.

  93. Realist

    Best shower head ever used, unfortunately would not work with my unusual circumstances

  94. Joshua M. Moore

    This showerhead is amazing for 1.5 GPH. The flow is really nice.

  95. Amazon Customer

    Unlike most water saving shower heads that either produce a very misty spray or a very week trickle of water, the High Sierra’s High Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead provides a concentrated stream that feels fabulous and at the same time allows you to rinse soap off easily. I was worried that a 1.8 gpm flow would be too low to do a good job, but I was wrong. It does a fantastic job and the shower experience is great. Even for folks who don’t care about conserving water would like this shower head. Highly recommend this product for all showers .

  96. Mac

    I like that this head uses only 1.5 gpm of water. It gives a really strong stream of water.

  97. Cjbat

    Good overall. The 4 was the material didn’t seem as heavy duty as I would like and the spray pattern was not able to be adjusted (or perhaps I missed something).

  98. Peter V

    I like the simple elegance of this shower head.The shower experience is pretty good too. Even with the faucet only half open, I get a good, soaking shower. It feels like a soft rainfall w big drops.I feel like it’s saving lots of water, especially when we keep the faucet half open.

  99. Bratman

    Just need to narrow the spray

  100. BDS

    This is small but is wonderful!! So much nicer than ones which all the holes. Feels like a waterfall. Excellent pressure.

  101. SLP123

    Much stronger spray than expected. Hot water lasts so much longer. I’m going to get the 1.5 for our other bathroom.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Good pressure

  103. ron m

    The whole family loves this shower head great pressure large and powerful spray pattern all at 1.5gpm awesome

  104. Long Beach CA

    Don’t know what else you could want at 1.5gpm. We just bought a second of these for another bathroom.

  105. Amazon Customer

    I’ve never spent $50 on a shower head before so I read the reviews and researched. It works as promised. Better pressure than my 2.5 and while saving 1 GPM, this will pay for itself. All metal, can feel the quality.

  106. Amazon Customer


  107. The Professor

    We have a septic tank and need to limit our water usage. I bought two of these heads for our two showers. They are not a luxurious stream like the heads we have, but they sure seem to save water. The water they provide is more than ample for showering.

  108. Bruce

    Shower head works quite well. Water comes out under good pressure in a cone shaped pattern

  109. A. Fabricant

    this is our second one. We also put one in our vacation home in Ct. It is an awesome spray and you can even see the drops…large drops like you would not believe. And only 1.5GPM and it feels like it is 3.0GPM. It is amazing and installs in minutes without tape unless you have a real bad pipe and then you can use tape. I hope everyone gets one because it is the only one made that I am aware of that has this force of water so that you do not have to turn your water valve wide open.

  110. Alex T.

    Great flow (got the 1.8 GPM flow rate), super easy to install, good nozzle mobility, made in USA!

  111. Jim Anthony

    I couldn’t believe that the flow was just 2 GPM because it seems like a lot more, so I tested it with a stopwatch and gallon bottle. Yup, right at 2 GPM. A little pricey, but well worth the cost because of the design, quality, and water savings.

  112. outlaw1

    Was concerned before purchase about water pressure. It’s not an issue for us. I now own 2 of these. I just wish they were a little cheaper.

  113. michael sullivan

    The water flow for a 1.5GPM shower head is very good and the trickle valve makes it easy to stop the flow while lathering up. I’m glad I changed over from the cheaper low flow shower head I had before.

  114. Ryan

    Been working great for many years! Love it.

  115. Mark A. Box

    Very well made and solid shower head. Was so impressed with the quality of this product I purchased another for our other bathroom. Highly recommended for savings on your utility bills.

  116. Collin

    My family’s lived with this low-flow showerhead for over a year. It’s simply amazing how well it works while using only 1.5 gallons per minute. I tested the flow rate and found 1.5 gpm is accurate. No complaints at all from family, a big surprise. The way the water flows is as effective as anything at getting shampoo out of long hair. It’s made in USA by a California company and local machine shop. The materials have held up well. My area had moderately hard water. No clogs, minimal scaling. Save yourself the cost of water, the energy used to heat hot water and the energy used to bring potable water to your home. This is the real deal. I recommend it on commercial building projects.

  117. mark


  118. John C.

    Like the quality, easy install, best size for my tub’s shower with good flow. Combined with a shower shut off valve, in matching finish, no leaks, just hand tight.

  119. Roy Hobbs

    Ordered the 1.8 and it works exactly as advertised. Only reason it is not 5 stars is that we have to reduce the water flow in order to remove the high pitch whine. The good thing is that barely affects the great flow of this shower head.

  120. Byron B.

    Saves water and creates a strong mist when using. One thing I noticed is because there is a mist, the heat is diffused and I do tend to turn up the water heat a little more.

  121. Ron K

    The goal was a good, strong, spray while reducing the total water volume used. This does that.Pros:- good, strong, spray- significant reduction in water volume- straightforward install- solid metal constructionCons:- pricey- spray generates a low volume spray outside the intended core stream, so it puts water around more widely at the nozzle than a traditional shower head. You get wet reaching around the main spray stream and areas above the shower head get wet. Work around is to aim the shower head down more than the prior shower head.

  122. Amazon Customer

    I love this shower head, it really saves water, & still has a powerful spray.

  123. Tcart driver

    Beautifully made and provides a decent shower on 1.5 gpm. It is expensive but worth it to me.

  124. C. D. Waage

    This is a great product. It feels pretty much just like a regular shower. I didn’t notice that it was harder to shower or that I got a lower quality rinse. I did notice that there was almost no water going down the drain. It was shocking how little water drains out which means it’s using a lot less water.The only thing that kept it from getting five stars is that it looks sort of like a simple hotel showerhead. My lady friends would be happier with a fancier looking showerhead.

  125. Krista Malone

    This showerhead puts out a tremendous stream yet also saves a ton of water. It can be a little rough, but I like that.

  126. Cynthia A. Springford

    We ordered this low flow shower head to save on the amount of water we are using. My husband installed it easily in minutes. The water pressure exceeded our expectations. I think it is even better than our old showerhead. It’s only been a few days, but we’re looking forward to being more efficient and reaping the benefits of conserving water.

  127. M. Brown

    This shower head gives great showers, but uses much less water. The valve that allows you to turn the water to a trickle while you soap up is especially helpful.

  128. Jose Moran

    Absolutely love this shower head so far. I also love saving money which this shower head is helping me do. Highly recommend this shower head to anyone browsing these reviews. Upon opening the box you will know right away this is a high quality product.

  129. Kevin B Holbrook

    AMAZING!!!!!! Twice the pressure of my old 2.5gpm shower head !! Great pattern, doesn,t wet my floor when the door is opened . Buy this one , it IS worth the extra money !!!!!!

  130. bigbear2592

    I like the amount of water I save and yet have enough water pressure for a proper shower. I bought four shower heads for all of my four showers.

  131. Amazon Customer

    Finally a shower head that doesn’t clog!

  132. runnz

    I thought I was buying a puny 1.5gpm showerhead to save water. This thing is far more enjoyable than any 2.5gpm I’ve ever experienced……….what a pleasure. It’s very well crafted, solid metal, heavy in your hand. Installs in 2 minutes.

  133. LT

    Great shower head! Very powerful!

  134. Jeffrey C.

    The best lower flow head.

  135. Joseph T. Thering

    I, like many other people who reviewed this product, thought I received the wrong model with a much higher flow rate. I’m still incredulous, so I’ll be conducting a test but it’s the most satisfying shower head I’ve used, regardless of efficiency.Key things to note:1. It has very consistent coverage so you spend less time waiting for the water to be effective, which is common for many low-flow heads. Shorter shower.2. It is not one of those high pressure/mist types. It does not sting and does not create a cold mist, causing you to crank up the hot water to compensate. Less heating of water.3. It seems like a lot more water is flowing through it that there really is.

  136. John C. Petrovato

    This is a really awesome showerhead. Not only does it use less water than traditional heads, but it appears to have much stronger pressure. Perhaps not for everyone as the stream is kind of chaotic bursts – but I love the way it feels.

  137. David

    After reading many glowing reviews, I figured I’d give the shower head a shot. I was skeptical about it when I received it because it is rather small, and looked like a no frills inexpensive piece. In 5 minutes my mind was changed, the spray pattern was wide with tremendous pressure. It replaced a Delta rain fall shower head, and I am never going back.

  138. mjo41232

    A little tough shelling out the money on one of these but these are hands down the best low flow shower heads. You won’t notice much of a difference compared to a standard one. It is a little noisier than a standard head but the water savings is well worth it. Fit and finish on this are very precise and high quality. I’m using this with a dual head setup. The fixed head is using this with a wand using a standard head.

  139. karen3678

    Works great and saves water so…… only real downside is the cost. A bit pricey. Easy to install. Remove other head and screw this one on.

  140. Amazon Customer

    Super shower head. Best I have ever used.

  141. Chris

    Its hard to review this when coming from a regular shower head. It seems to save water and the pressure was much better than another head we tried. Worth the money overall.

  142. wawiii