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1.5 GPM* Shower Heads … are Perfect for Correctional Institutions

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Our penal shower heads were designed specifically for prisons, jails, correctional facilities, or any public application where tampering, safety, and maintenance are important issues. Their 1.5 gpm* flow rate (for 40% water savings) and patented zero maintenance nozzle make them perfect for institutional-public use.

Several thousand of these shower heads are in use at large correctional facilities. The solid brass, vandal-resistant devices were designed to the specifications of prison officials. Their dramatic water and energy conservation will stretch any facility's budget, and the pleasing quality of the shower spray will stifle complaints one sometimes hears about low flow shower heads.

NOTE: If you aren't sure which model to order, or you have questions regarding thread size or configuration, please Contact Us.

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* Accuracy of flow rate is ± 10% between 30 psi and 80 psi

Code: 6X6Q6

Case Study: Herlong FCI

  • 3,500,000 Gallons of Water Saved in 2010. Payback Period: Less Than 3 Months
  • Number of Inmates: 1,200 Payback Period: Less Than 3 Months.

Before Retrofit

  • Total Number of 2.5GPM Shower Heads: 225
  • Total Annual Water for Showers Usage: 10M Gallons.
  • Estimated Cost to Heat 10M Gallons: $150,000

After Retrofit

  • Total Number of 1.5 GPM High Sierra Showerheads: 225
  • Total Annual Water for Showers Usage: 6.5M Gallons.
  • Estimated Cost to Heat 6.5M Gallons: $97,500
  • Cost of 225 1.5 GPM Shower Heads: $10,000


  • Water: 3,500,000 Gallons • Heating: $52,500

Shower Head Testimonial from the facilitites manager of a large university:

"We have installed … your 1.5 gpm shower heads to retrofit most of the shower stalls of our residential buildings. Our staff had tested the performance of different heads in the market and chose yours for its full flow feeling and usability such as washing the shampoo off.

"The conversion was completed before the Fall, and after two months of use we have not heard of any dissatisfaction with them."

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