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Handheld Holder

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Brushed Nickel
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Brass
Polished Brass

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Built to last.

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44 reviews for Handheld Holder

  1. Mary Schlut (verified owner)

    We have a 4-plex and have purchased several items from High Sierra over the last 5-6 years. They have all been durable and met or exceeded expectations. Even with tenants who aren’t always as careful as they could be. Any time I have contacted the company they have been very helpful and friendly and took care of my concerns. Thank you.

  2. Tom (verified owner)


  3. AF

    Excellent product, which most likely outlive its owner and, in my view, should be the standard as these chromed plastic shower parts are bound to break and, thus, are detrimental to the environment.

  4. AwesomePhotography

    Item is as described.

  5. Connie

    High Sierra’s products are excellent! I purchased my hand held shower long ago and it remains in perfect working order to day. Prior shower heads by other companies required replacement or leaked. This piece was to replace a cheap one I had on! All is great!

  6. beth rokus

    Can’t beat Made in America products. Great quality and its great having metal rather than the cheap plastic holders

  7. Anna Schreck

    Only installed for a short while but it’s well made. Feels very strong and sturdy. I expect it to last many years.

  8. Tejas

    Very high quality; Holds shower head at just the right angle; Wasted money on cheaper metal and non-metal holders.

  9. KnitWit

    This is BY FAR the most sturdy handheld shower holder I’ve found–and I really searched. Although I also ordered two handheld shower units that both came with an all-metal bracket, neither compared. I’m ordering one for each bathroom now, as the flimsy plastic brackets don’t last and even the metal ones seem skimpy. This one is thicker than any other holder on the market and truly hefty. Even if a powerful body slams the handheld down with eyes full of soap so the aim’s slightly off, this will grab it. Please note: this bracket doesn’t have a balljoint and therefore doesn’t swivel, but for me that just meant one less moving part to break. It will outlast any handheld shower by YEARS. Wahoo!

  10. Anonymous

    It’s metal and doesn’t break

  11. Brian A.

    Finally a product made right that will last ,only con is it is not adjustable to tilt shower head but not a big deal .Thanks for a great product

  12. Mrs. H

    This was expensive, but worth every penny. My mom now has a hand held shower that works great without plastic fitting!

  13. T

    works beautifully

  14. David Calder

    Good quality and nice looking. Replaced a polished brass similar piece and it holds my new handheld shower spray perfectly.

  15. Lori M

    Great quality

  16. oldfart

    Best showerhead holder ever. Solid metal, no more broken plastic ones. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Thank you!

  17. lynn

    I had bad luck with handheld shower head mounts breaking under minimal light use. This one is much stronger and matches the bronze fixtures quite well. Doesn’t appear that this piece will be breaking any time soon.

  18. Brian

    I had to also purchase a swivel ball joint, and overall the two were expensive, but at least now I don’t have to worry about the stupid plastic ones that keep breaking!!

  19. e2015

    Decent build, but really costlyDid have to order another piece due to leakage issues..

  20. KGS

    If you love quality, this is for you. It is all metal. Not cheap plastic.

  21. Tim McCullough

    Top quality and engineering. Works perfectly.

  22. Zach

    Metal is awesome. The only complaint is that it doesn’t swivel. No more leaks form plastic parts!

  23. A Will

    Good quality.

  24. marcia lawson

    Great product. No worries about it breaking as the plastic ones often do. MADE IN AMERICA makes me proud

  25. Amazon Customer

    We could not find an all metal showerhead holder and this the only place we could find it. It works perfectly since the plastic ones would leak.


    Went through 2 plastic versions of this piece in my shower before finding a metal one. It was easy to install, and is holding up beautifully. I’m not worried about it breaking at all, like I always was with plastic ones. I’m pretty sure this holder will outlast my shower head.

  27. Old Mac user

    High quality all metal construction, chromed brass. Shower head is great and on wand trickle valve is wonderful ! NO more leaking hose connection like the plastic ones.

  28. Steven K Barnes

    Quality product. Smooth machining, sharp threads and good chrome finish.I would purchase again.

  29. Joshua G.

    solid metal – works great – very satisfied

  30. MiniBoy

    This High Sierra Hand shower holder is the “Real Deal” ! I used this very nice quality real chrome plated brass fitting to replace a cheesy Delta plastic similar device, which I could NOT tighten enough to keep it pointed in the correct direction, nor could I stop it from leaking from 3 places. Very happy with this device .. would highly recommend it to anyone .. Russ Pratt, Webster, MA

  31. Barton Young

    Excellent Item!!! All metal as described!!! Works Great!!! A+++

  32. GM

    Finally something that works great that is not cheap plastic. Great product works perfect!

  33. Maria Constantine

    This is a well made solid metal shower bracket. Works perfect for our Hansgrohe shower head. Very satisfied.

  34. Mike Rackham

    Excellent quality. Would definitely purchase again (though I doubt I’ll ever have to).

  35. D. Alvarez

    Very sturdy

  36. California Dreaming

    This holds my High Sierra shower head very well. It is one of the few all metal holders on the market. Should last a lifetime.

  37. Mark S.

    Many are plastic, and this one made of metal is made to last!

  38. Dark Wing Duck

    Real metal. It won’t crack like the plastic ones.

  39. flyfish59

    Haven’t used yet but seems heavy duty

  40. Sandra M.

    PERFECT! Great quality. No more plastic!

  41. Smusette

    The quality is really worth the price! It will easily last a lifetime. It is 100% metal which is hard to find these days. Incredibly easy to install and best of all no leaks!! It is highly recommended. It comes in different colors which I didn’t notice at time of purchase. I can’t sing enough praises. It’s craftsmanship of days long past.

  42. Rob

    I’m sick of plastic shower junctions that leak, fail to hold the shower handle, break, and find other creative ways to disappoint.This is the antidote.Buy it. You won’t regret it.

  43. Alan L.

    Just what we needed! Plastic holders just don’t do the job

  44. Tom Lewis

    Fit right the first time and does not leak. this is the best one I have seen for the money anywhere. This will probably last the life of my house.

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