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Fixed/Handheld Shower Head Combo

*Patent #7,185,830

The ultimate shower experience is here! Our new Combo Shower Head Kit allows for easy switching from a fixed shower head to a handheld shower head and back (or even run both at the same time!) without the need for a diverter valve. For the Fixed Shower Head, you can choose between our Classic PLUS (when a smaller, slimmer look is wanted); Tenaya PLUS (when a larger, more modern look is desired); Half Dome (when a premium look of both traditional and contemporary is preferred); or the Reflections (features a fogless mirror ideal for shaving and makeup removal, while showering). As a special feature for the Handhelds, they are optionally available with a highly durable, slip-free rubber grip. Its textured finish provides an extra-secure hold when handheld becomes wet and soapy. The Combo Kits are available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze.

PLEASE NOTE: to comply with US plumbing codes, the fixed and handheld shower heads come equipped with an on/off “trickle” valve. When in the off position, the trickle valves will flow a minimal 0.05 gpm to prevent scalding.

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Handheld Slip-Free Grip

Classic PLUS™ Combo - Chrome


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Flow Rate
Free 2-3 day shipping on order over $75 - Not for Correctional Models - US only

Available in two water saving flow rates … 1.5 GPM and 1.8 GPM

Which flow rate is best for you? Shower arm heights vary considerably from bathroom to bathroom. The height of a shower head can affect the level of satisfaction for some people because the shower spray loses energy as it travels from the shower head. The farther one is away from the shower head, the weaker the spray becomes.

To ensure the most satisfying shower possible for our customers, we offer 2 water saving flow rates: 1.5 gpm and 1.8 gpm. Either can be used on any shower arm regardless of height, but we recommend the 1.8 gpm for those with shower arms over 6.5 ft from the floor, especially if small children will be using the shower. This is because the droplet size of the 1.8 gpm shower heads is larger and has greater rinsing power further from the shower head than the 1.5 gpm models.

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