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Non-Adjustable Shower Arm Extension

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Brushed Nickel
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze

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202 reviews for Non-Adjustable Shower Arm Extension

  1. Maribel G. (verified owner)

    My new shower was too high for me to reach my hand-sprayer combo from High Sierra and I couldn’t easily reach it. The extension lowered the hand shower about 4 inches making it lower enough for me to easily grab it. Easy to install. Nickle finish matches other High Sierra products. Heavy duty well built extension.

  2. Anonymous

    I was very happy to find this new product on the website recently! I like how it extends the shower head towards the center of the stall as well as down. The perfect solution to a shower built for a very tall person and now used by a short person.

  3. Nora (verified owner)

    The shower arm extension is exactly what we needed to be able to reach the shower heads easily. It is just as solid and nice looking as the shower heads themselves. Company ships their products quickly, which is great.

  4. Harry Watkin (verified owner)

    When the shower-arm extension arrived in the mail, I was quite pleased to examine this addition to the showerhead and holder. It is made very well, and seems to be at least as heavy as the entire (mostly plastic) showerhead that we replaced with the High Sierra unit. It also makes using the shower easier for those of us not considered tall.

  5. luz stroupe

    After finishing my remodeled shower, the contractor placed the shower very high. I was so pleased to find out that these extension are available. Wonderfull product that resolved a huge problem. Product arrived quickly and in good conditions

  6. Angie

    Best item Ive purchased! So happy I can reach the shower head to adjust it. sturdy and heavy duty with beautiful shiny finish. Good price and made in America!

  7. PJ

    Trying to find a compatible extension was a challenge. I searched for Made in America and found this one. Perfect!

  8. Michel Jo Scott

    Just what I needed! My shower head was way too high for me and this extension made it perfect. Nicely made and very east to install!

  9. CRM

    This was easy to install and extended the shower head so I can now reach the shower spray head.

  10. Melinda Ondrus

    I liked the product because it extended the shower out and down. My old hand held fit into the arm just below the shower head and the new one fits into the arm at the bottom of the handle, which made it 5 inches higher. Though the new extension is 6 inches long, because of the angle of the shower arm it really is only about 4.5 inches lower and the same extra distance from the wall.

  11. JEFF

    My mom has a hand shower in her shower stall that she could no longer reach. This item lowered the hand shower about 4 inches. Enough for her to easily grab it.

  12. Islandbreeze

    Just what I needed to reach the shower wand.

  13. Ken Lee

    Dearly Beloved is 5’2″. (No, her eyes are not blue.).This extension allows her to reach the diverter valve on the shower without either standing on tiptoe and stretching (risking a fall) or calling for help.The finish matches the original hardware perfectly and you have to look closely to realize it is an extra length of pipe.It does the job and looks great.What more could you ask?

  14. patrick w riley

    Product was exactly what I was looking for. Installation was easy and the product is easy to install. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  15. Hernan Guerra S

    Did exactly what it was supposed to do

  16. Shopping diva

    High Sierra does not disappoint—heavy, well engineered extension for my shower —with no leaks—just what the doctor ordered!

  17. Laurie S.

    I needed to add additional length to my shower arm after my remodel. This extension is well-made, feels heavy and fit perfectly and matched the polished chrome well. I used plumbers tape on all thread ends to help seal any potential leaks. It lowered my shower head about 4- 4 1/2”, perfect.

  18. Robbie Robertson

    Just what I needed!

  19. Michael Hoffman

    If you have a hard time reaching the shower head this can help extend it to be lower and more reachable.

  20. Brian

    Great quality , no moving part or plastic

  21. birdy

    Exactly what I needed. Easy to install and gave me just the extra length to reach my dhoweohead.

  22. Kendoso

    As with most folks, I bought this to extend my shower arm mainly to get more clearance for a new shower head that I bought that comes with a handheld. It’s a very nice piece of pipe, flawless chrome. So I guess you get what you paid for. In any case, it got the job done. It looks fantastic and I won’t have to worry about fit, quality, and craftsmanship because it is on point!

  23. Amazon Customer

    I am so glad I ordered this shower arm extension. I had went to Lowe’s and purchased a 8in shower arm thinking it would help but no. It only added about a two inch difference by the time it was installed. I am 5’6 and had to stand on my tippy toes to reach my handheld showerhead. As soon as I received this extension, my fiance installed it literally in two mins after wrapping with plumbers tape. It is perfect and it does not leak! Plus they shipped it quickly (even though my P.O. failed to deliver & I had to re-order after receiving a refund from Amazon).

  24. K.H.Flatau

    Functions as expected

  25. CJE

    Perfect for my 16inch Shower head project!!!

  26. Umesh C. Desai

    I like the simplicity of extension allowing many shower headsets. It would have been better if it was 1-2 inches longer. Threads were a little too tight for the Waterpik shower head I was installing. However, I would recommend this product to a friend.

  27. Barbara Roeske

    Like the longer hose and bringing down the height for my 4’8″ Mom was a real success!

  28. Remy

    I’m 5’ and got this extension to help me after surgery so I wouldn’t have to stretch to reach the shower arm. I thought at first that it wasn’t long enough, but the length just right. Sturdy and strong.

  29. Bob Montgomery

    Installed easily & the finish looks great.

  30. Donald Odato

    Look and quality

  31. Jeffrey F.

    I am quite pleased with the extension pieces, have installed one of the two [am waiting on the other until I purchase a new shower head for it]. The arm feels quite solid and I am impressed that the design was thought through enough that on the female end there is a non-threaded portion that hides the male threads on the arm protruding from the wall.A mentioned in another review, the arm has a small metal flow restrictor embedded in the washer. That was easy to knock out – I took a ~7″ length of 3/8″ dowling, ground down 1/2″ at one end so that it just passed through the restrictor, set the other end of the dowling on a hard surface and tapped the “top” end with a rubber mallet.

  32. Ollie

    Easy to install, good quality and we have 2 now.

  33. Skye

    I would not have considered describing a piece of pipe as “elegant,” but this is a beautiful item indeed.

  34. Alcocer

    My shower head looked way too high and ackward. Well I did not want to spend a fortune to replace my shower system so I bought a cheaper one resulting in my shower head looking ackward anyway thanks to this little handy dandy arm extension my shower head is now at a perfect height. Thank you!

  35. Baker’s Holiday

    Very satisfied. Would buy again.

  36. Jay B

    Solved a shower issue. I appreciate a well made American product.

  37. irene r

    Just had a new hand held shower head put in. Had the plumber add the shower extension arm so we could reach the handle. It work great, looks fine and makes it possible for us to reach without stretching or tip toes. Good product.

  38. DKT

    Perfect just what I was looking for. Great help for short people

  39. Rodney

    it was just as shown. can’t be more happy.

  40. DG

    This shower extension arm lowers my shower head so it doesn’t hit the top of my head, being vertically challenged. No more tippy toes in the shower.Went on like butter and no leaks first time around.

  41. Amazon Customer

    Needed to drop showerhead down a few inches and this worked great!

  42. SoCalAuntie

    Our new place had a shower head that was way too high, so we needed an extension to install our own adjustable showerhead (like the ones in other reviewers’ pictures).This extension has now put my showerhead at just the right height that I can adjust it myself like I used to at the old place (I’m 5’4″). We used some white plumbing tape (thread seal, sold separately) and it works perfectly — no leaks. It took 1 minute to install this product.There is no water restriction, it’s just a pipe — so I’m unsure why those negative reviews are talking about water restriction? Maybe the product has been redesigned since those reviews were made.

  43. Crystal J. Taylor

    This was exactly what I needed. I’m glad that it was available. Gave me the extension I needed. Blends with my chrome showerhead. Worth it.

  44. Stephen R

    The product was easy to install and has met our needs perfectly.

  45. LR

    My wife, who is 5′ tall, has always wanted a pulsating shower head. I found several of them on Amazon, but I needed it to match the bronze fixtures in the bathroom. The problem I was running into was, whatever I chose, she would not be able to reach it to adjust the spray. I was so glad that I ran across this shower arm extension. Not only does it match the rest of our bronze fixtures exactly, it extends the shower head down far enough that my wife can reach it to adjust the spray. Also, it took less than a minute to install it. I just wrapped a little bit of teflon tape around the threads of the pipe coming out of the wall and screwed this on. I then wrapped teflon tape on the other end and screwed on the new shower head. There were no leaks, and it looks great! The wife is happy also!

  46. lg212

    Added enough length to the shower arm so that now I can easy reach the handle (I am 5’). Easy to install. I did it myself. The nickel extension matched the existing shower and the fancy head from Danze. Just love it. Totally recommend.

  47. Tom Walden

    I used this extension to lower a shower head. It worked great and there were no leaks. I did use the pipe thread tape to secure the connections. No problems and nothing to complain about. It just works great.

  48. Harvey L

    Both my wife and myself are height-challenged. We were hopeful that this extender would enable us to easily adjust our shower. This is a quality extender. Installation was a breeze, and the height of the showerhead is now perfect for our needs.

  49. Donjay

    Very high quality product and solved the problem by lowering the shower head and making it reachable

  50. Lights I.

    Beautiful fit and finish. Highly recommended

  51. eb

    High quality, performed well.

  52. Robert D

    Easy installation and does not restrict water flow.

  53. OnlyOneMe22

    Super easy to install, works as described, just what I needed for a shower head that was but too tall. (No tape was included for install)

  54. canuckinma

    We installed this to lower a ridiculously high shower head put in by the home builder. Apparently this is common these days in new construction. I am a petite woman and in order to install a hand held shower instead of the builder installed fixed shower, we had to find a solution to lower the shower head. This simple, heavy and nice looking extension pipe did the trick. It is a heavy piece and looks great.

  55. Ronald Wilson Insurance

    Worked perfectly extending the show head

  56. Moises

    Pretty good, wish it came with Teflon tape.Needed it to extend my rain fall shower head and it did the job.

  57. J. Bean

    Color was spot on, easy install. Works well and really lowers the head just the right amount

  58. Satisfied NY customer

    Shower arm extension was just right and worked perfectly

  59. Patrick Yi

    Works as advertised. Lowers my handheld shower head so that I can easily reach up to take it off the holder. Hard to find a nickel finish so I had to pay more for this model but the quality is good.

  60. Kechamb

    It was exactly what we were looking for. High quality.

  61. traveler

    I had been looking for a shower arm extension for a year and couldn’t find one that I liked until I bought a High Sierra’s Exclusive All Metal Shower Arm Extension. The extension was easy to install and works perfectly. I ordered another one for the second shower that needs one. I highly recommend this product.

  62. Judith C

    I am a 5 ft 1 1/2 inch tall woman. I was in need of lowering shower head because I could not reach to adjust the height or water flow angle. Along came this shower arm extension. I put it on myself and it works wonderfully. Thank you thank you! Pic attached.

  63. Sue Eberhardt

    So many products, so many innovations out there, but this simple extender does the job perfectly. Now being 5’3″ in thre shower is like being 5’6″. Perfect.

  64. danny haynes

    Very high quality not cheap tubing

  65. Amazon Customer

    Not only did it come fast, but it’s exactly what I wanted, and well-made…just a little plumbing part but they treated me as if I’d bought something a lot larger and more expensive. Always appreciate good customer service.

  66. Bob Torrez

    Fast delivery, quality product.

  67. CGR

    It’s perfect size and good quality. Now I can reach the shower head with ease to change the settings. Looks nice and just the perfect size. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

  68. charles e laber

    I bought this extension because it makes it easier for my wife to get to the shower head, I am liking it also even though I’m 9 inches taller. I was very pleased when I found it was made by High Sierra as we have used their shower heads for a number of years . I highly recommend these water and money saving shower heads.

  69. Larry Gabriele

    Made shower work well



  71. William H.

    Great purchase. Steel, when a lot are plastic anymore. Nice & heavy material. Thanks.


    Very well made. Heavy gauge material. Good finish.

  73. DJWY

    Beautiful high quality stainless steel. Threads fit my standard USA bathroom fixtures perfect.

  74. Gilbert

    With a little teflon tape and just finger strength, this extender was installed. Quick and easy and now the shower head is reachable.

  75. James Clark

    I wanted an extension to lower my shower head in our new home so that my spouse could easily reach the diverter valve with shower wand I installed. It works perfectly, just the right length; it has a classy satin finish and the quality is superb!Great product, a bit expensive, but definitely worth it.

  76. Beuford Durmon

    I have a very heavy shower head (Grohe). This extension was strong enough to hold it, others were not.

  77. Amazon Customer

    The extensions were delivered as described and on time. I was surprised of the very high quality of the product.

  78. Richard Price

    Product was perfect.

  79. Normal Bob

    Exactly what I needed to lower shower head and extend from the wall.

  80. Tom & Shirley Reid

    Excellent quality.

  81. David R

    Great product

  82. Kathy S.

    This extension was exactly what I needed. I am very pleased with it and would recommend this product and company.

  83. Cypress Cove

    This is a quality made product and exactly what I needed to extend the shower head. What a bonus that it is made in the USA.

  84. Matthew F. Johnston

    Worked for my application!

  85. Jeff S.

    Just what I needed. My new apartment must have been built for 7’ tall people, so this extension puts the shower head just where I needed it!

  86. Lane Beaty

    The product was easy to find shopping with Amazon and met our expectation with product quality.

  87. Older Montreal guy

    It’s one piece, solid. Doesn’t really look that way in the picture, but it is. The ‘bolt’ part is on one end, so it fits nicely on a shower arm. My contractor for the new bathroom placed the shower arm receptacle a bit too high for my wife, which makes sense given rain shower heads – but we didn’t use one – preferring a different type. This lowers the smaller head down to where it can be adjusted.

  88. Two Zero

    This is EXACTLY what we needed to lower the height of our shower head unit so the controls could be easily reached by the shortest person in our household. It was priced much more reasonably than any of the other similar chrome finish extensions I was able to find on line

  89. Kathy

    Perfect fit and perfect for a short person

  90. Bubbles1956

    This extension was perfect to bring my mom’s shower head down to a level she can use

  91. Ranger Doc

    Seems to be high quality metal and is sturdy enough to hold the Delta showerhead.

  92. Dennis Moore

    It would be nice if they had a curve to them so they don’t stick out from the wall so far.

  93. Shae Russ

    Bathroom remodel was done before I bought the house and I guess the person or persons that remodeled the bathroom decided that only tall people needed to be comfortable in the shower. This is just what I was looking for and fits all of my needs, I can now reach the handheld shower device.

  94. Dan

    I liked that this had a compression fit with a washer. No tape needed to install. I tightened it by hand and it works great.

  95. Toby Greenwood

    Heavy duty , clean finish, fits great

  96. brucegn

    My shower has a ceiling that is 9&1/2 feet high and the shower head was taking advantage of that height. When anyone took a shower, because the shower head was so high, they would feel just the bottom portion of the spray and not feel the true force of that spray. Getting a 6″ extension brought the shower head much closer to the person and increased the intensity of the spray….not 100% but 90% anyways. I actually purchased 2 other shower heads thinking it was the lack of water pressure until I realized all the shower heads had the same “force” because of the height.

  97. Desert Rose

    I liked everything about this extension pipe: it’s very well made and strong and connected to the very short existing pipe in my apartment bath without any trouble. I could then easily add the hand-held shower head that I wanted. I’m only about 5’1″ tall, so adding this extension was the perfect idea.

  98. Catherine K.N. Itai

    The shower arm extension is very well made with a beautiful chrome finish that is highly polished. Lowered the shower head just enough so I could easily reach the diverter valve for a hand-held. Everything fit beautifully and looks great too!

  99. Bookworm

    Just the right length and easy to add to my shower to bring my new shower head down to my height.

  100. Hobbyhobbit

    Bought this extension to lower our hand held shower bracket a few inches. Worked perfectly, and the wife can now reach the shower head to remove it without standing on her toes! Product seems very high quality, heavy weight and flawless finish. Threaded on to existing pipe stub with ease, and it is notched to accept a wrench for tightening. Overall very satisfied.

  101. Wadec

    Works as described. Little pricey but no one else has a product for the same application.

  102. Jo

    When added to the existing shower arm, this extension allows me to be able to reach the handheld shower head. Without this, I would have to stand on a bench, which is not safe in the shower.

  103. ronald desantis

    pricey, but it did the job, looks good also, don’t regret the purchase

  104. Tom from Oregon

    We began searching for a means for my wife to be able to reach the hand-held shower heads about 2 years ago. We found 2 with both ends adjustable at a big box store, both of which broke after a year. I wondered why someone didn’t make just a simple, straight 6 to 9 inch male/female nipple. This can’t be so uncommon a problem. We replaced the first with a slightly more robust adjustable model we found online. Then I found this great, straight extension. It works fine and has nothing to break. It is easier to install too, without messing with getting the angle correct. Wish I had found them first!

  105. Head Master

    gotta screw it really tight, otherwise it leaks water. Maybe it’s just the one I bought, so I don’t know

  106. donna watson

    Great product for a high shower. My plumber must have been 9 ft tall. All three showers are the same. Purchased one to see if it would work. It was super simple to attach and works fantastic. Since then, I have ordered 2 more for the other showers. I wish they made one 8 in long, but I doubt anyone else has a shower inlet that is almost to the ceiling.

  107. G. Perkins

    This item did exactly what I needed it to do, which was bring the shower head further down to me. With this extension I can now reach up to re-hook my shower massage. I was too short to do this before and the hose just had to hang down all the time. It is also very well made and the finish is very nice. I highly recommend this item to anyone who has a need to lower the shower head.

  108. Christel W

    I needed to put on a new showerhead but the pipe coming out of my ceiling was only 2 inches long, which limited my options. This was perfect for my needs. I used plumbers’ tape and followed the installation instructions and it doesn’t leak at all! Very easy installation, I only needed the tape and a crescent wrench.

  109. Gary T Stout

    Product was exactly what I needed and after installing worked perfectly.

  110. AveMarAriAme

    Fit perfectly

  111. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for extending shower head down

  112. Thomas Pacheco

    Works perfect for my needs

  113. Igor Sorokin

    Works well

  114. Amazon Customer

    I absolutely love this shower extension for my handheld shower, wish I had it years ago. Now I don’t have to carefully stretch or jump up to reach it. It only took me a couple of minutes to add this to the existing pipe.

  115. DTO

    Looks & works great,just a little pricey.

  116. Judy Elswick

    This product is wonderful and extended the shower exactly where we needed it and is very sturdy. The only fault is the price seems a little elevated.

  117. Honestly

    Perfect fit…Beautiful Gold.

  118. John Lau

    Extend the shower head so that short people can reach the shower wand… smh!

  119. Paul Gate

    Quality p;iece of pipe……..worked just the way we wanted.

  120. Juan Miguel Lachy

    This was a perfect solution for a big problem with the high of a shower head that was instaled too high, we tough we were going to need to open the shower wall to lower the shower head outlet, with this shower arm extension, the solution went smoot, easy and un expensive. Thanks!!!

  121. vicy

    This item was hard to find but High Sierra’s was perfect. Nice finish to it as well. Thanks

  122. Mosheim

    Finally I can lower my shower head and it looks great. Does have a rubber restriction washer in the female end but you need it to seal the threads. Installed with pipe thread tape and hand tightened. Very well constructed and water flow is alright with my Delta shower head 75152.

  123. Rose

    I liked its functionality the most. It lowered my shower head enough that I can now safely reach it if I want to change the spray type. It’s also very nice Looking, sturdy, and of good quality and it was also easy to install. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  124. D. A. Voorhees

    My existing shower head was too high and this arm lowered it to an ideal height. However, I had to order a swivel ball adapter in order to get the desired angle from the shower head because the head had a limited rotation. With adapter all is well.

  125. TrueCrimer

    Very high quality, solid product. Easy to follow instructions for installation. Now I don’t have to try to stand on my toes to adjust shower head. 🙂

  126. mph


  127. Richard

    Good solution for shorter folks. Drops the showerhead down and looks nice. More a shiny nickel than brushed but works fine.

  128. Richard Rossi

    I was sceptical about buying the Shower Arm extension online, I did not want a poorly made product that was flimsy and would leak in the near future.This product is finely machined bronze pipe with a pipe coupling, complete with gasket built in (no need for secondary parts). I ordered the chrome plated extension, plateing is flawless. Installation was a breeze! The online picture does not do it justice.

  129. Rob

    Exactly what I needed to lower my handheld shower sprayer. Now I don’t have to stretch to reach it. Much safer.

  130. Joyce Z.

    Our builder converted a small bedroom into a bathroom. While turning the closet into a shower, he apparently thought we were much taller than we were! The extension works perfectly and makes the shower be in the place it should be! Very happy with it!

  131. Ronald L. Schultz

    Excellent quality, prompt shipment. Perfect extension for quality bathroom.

  132. Russ

    First of all. This extension was way better quality than I expected. It is actually quite thick walled and most likely will never rot out. The fit was perfect and looks good too. As usual it arrived right on time…thank you prime…and was just what I needed. I tried to find one of these everywhere and this was the only place to have it.

  133. M. Kroeger

    It is exactly what I wanted & needed. It works fine, was easy to install, and looks good. Even the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

  134. Liberty

    It worked perfectly and with no leaks to perform the job of extending a shower arm that was way too tall for me to reach. I’m 5’2″ and this extension arm not only lowered the shower sprayer, but efficiently positioned it further away from the wall. The quality, weight, and construct of this excellent all metal product is superb and it matches my satin nickel shower head. It will also blend well with stainless steel. Nice to see High Sierra manufactures with HIGH STANDARDS. Worth every penny and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again. Thanks!

  135. Jane R.


  136. Drone Bee

    Exactly what I needed to bring hand held shower head to workable height. Quick shipping. No leaking

  137. Richard L Smith

    It was exactly what I wanted, and it’s high quality.

  138. Mitch

    It was easy to install and so far no problem using this shower arm.The 6″ arm length is just right for me compared to 10″ or 11″.

  139. BOBBY

    Good quality

  140. Kindle Customer

    This was exactly what I was looking for and could not find at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Thanks for making this item.

  141. H. White

    This pipe was very attractive and will look good in my bathroom. It felt and looked like a high quality piece of hardware. I would definitely buy from this company again.

  142. Goldilocks

    Solid construction, adds length with little effort.

  143. Terry A. Moore

    Solid product. Nice finish. Perfect for extending the showerhead arm in our new shower.

  144. Rebecca

    Prior to purchasing, I read a customer review stating that he removed the water saver washer in the extension arm. Well don’t do it! I found out the hard way that’s not a water saver washer. It’s the washer that keeps water from spraying all over the place! Install it just as it comes out of the box, with the rubber washer in place, and you’ll be fine.Heavy duty, well designed and well made product. Made in the USA.Keep up the good work!

  145. jls

    Pricey for ORB but the added length is perfect!

  146. Garsha Woolsey

    Extended the shower head close enough short people don’t get sprayed on top of head.

  147. Dale E. Nenadal

    Great product. Great Idea. It allowed me to eliminate one extra fitting since it is built with a male to female connector for the existing shower stub. That is the whole purpose of this product. Quality and appearance is great.

  148. Judy

    Solid top quality metal. The finish is excellent and durable. Thorough instructions. Easy and quick to install. This company produces a top of the line product.

  149. Bill

    Works exactly as advertised. Good quality. Lowered our shower head perfectly. Helped avoid plumbing work.

  150. Mike B

    This shower arm is well constructed and solved our issue with the old shower arm being too high. Use Teflon tape around the threads and installation is a no brainer.

  151. Ronvada

    It was a 6 inch extension and worked great

  152. M.S.J.

    Easy installation and works perfect

  153. Ellen Lynch

    Arrived on time. Good quality product and easy to install

  154. C. Peebles

    We recently had a new shower installed. My husband wanted the shower head in the center of the shower. I love it there but I’m only 5 feet tall and I couldn’t reach it. I ordered the extension, installed it and now it’s perfect. Good price, fast shipping.

  155. Patty

    good quality

  156. slowlane

    I live in a manufactured home where all things are different. Being able to install this extension saved me the expense of breaking into a wall to add a longer shower fitting.

  157. Ron A.

    A bit pricey, but it’s perfect.

  158. King Kong

    Easy to install, works great, looks great. However my wife is even shorter than I realized and she still can’t reach the handle, but that’s really on her not the pipe…

  159. Renee K.

    Well made, did exactly what I wanted it to do, great product. Moved into new house with shower arms way too high for my height. This was perfect!

  160. Jake S.

    I’m very pleased with the quality of this shower arm extension. I was worried it would be cheaply made and easy to break, but it is very well made. My wife is on the short side and found it almost impossible to reach our showerhead. We have a combo fixed showerhead and hand-held shower, but she was only able to reach the hand-held. This extension has now allowed her the luxury of choosing the one she wants to use, and it’s still tall enough that I can stand under it without a problem. She is very pleased and, consequently, so am I!

  161. J. Parry

    High quality.. I thought a but pricey, but if it does the job good choice. Good delivery

  162. Wynne

    Very well made, worked well to extend shower head.

  163. Tammy Mahaney

    Recently remodeled out bathroom and discovered too late that the new std height for the shower head was too high for me at 5’5. The other extenders were too long and didn’t work with the new handheld shower. This worked perfect and I now can reach the shower head and matched the nickel finish perfect.

  164. stevebert

    This was a perfect solution to the unusually high water pipe in my tub-shower. Extending the water pipe brought the shower head down and closer to where needed. It was extremely easy to install and well made.

  165. Jessica A.

    Works like a charm to lower our showerhead to a height I can reach to adjust. We tried to just replace the pipe coming out of the wall first with a longer and cheaper piece but the builder made it impossible to unscrew. It was cheaper to buy this piece on Amazon than to hire a plumber to put in the less expensive pipe.

  166. Arlene

    One of the biggest struggles of being short is never being able to adjust your showerhead and thanks to this extension arm it’s no longer a problem. Love this product!!!

  167. scarletto

    Now I can reach the shower head without stretching!!! Just the thing for short people like me!! Lovely chrome finish – heavy pipe – appears to be of very good quality. Wish I could have bought this years ago.

  168. Thomas G.

    High quality, thought it was high priced. But you get what you pay for. Came with Teflon tape. Has a squared off fitting so you can tighten with a wrench. Looks very nice and gets shower head lower and further from wall.

  169. MaryAnn Campise

    Works great.

  170. James Thornton

    Excellent quality product.

  171. Edith Kajlik

    Perfect extension! So glad to have found this simple solution.

  172. Clara M

    Excellent, high quality product that is exactly what I needed. Highly recommend. My shower arm is 7 ft off the floor and that’s too high for me to reach up and grab my hand-held. This extender got it lowered just perfectly for what I needed.

  173. Deacon Robert

    Worked well.

  174. Tony

    This is a well made product, and being made in the USA is even better!!!!

  175. Tess from New York

    It was such an ordeal to reach the high showerhead in order to control the different settings, that after a while I didn’t even bother changing the settings anymore… and then I find found this item on Amazon. I decided to give it a try, and after it arrived I was so impressed with the quality of this extension arm that I searched Amazon to see what other products they had by Highsierra. Well, fast forward a couple of weeks, and now I’ve changed out all my showerheads to their unbelievably high quality units. This extension arm, and their shower head units are the best quality showerheads and parts that I have ever found, with beautifully finished completely metal components. You won’t go wrong if you buy anything from Highsierra, and the quality is so superior that you won’t have to buy it a second time either.

  176. David McKesson

    Had a hard time finding this! Need something to space hand held spray head further from wall so my wife’s shampoo rack would kink the hose. Works perfectly and looks good. Added benefit is it lowers the spray head about 2.5 inches which is nice for my kids and wife to reach. Would like to see a 4 inch long product for the other 3 showers.

  177. jrn

    Just what we had been looking for to lower the height of our hand held shower head so that we can easily and safely reach the shower head. Good quality and easily installed.

  178. J Shep

    I LOVE this shower arm! I looked everywhere for this particular items for months. No local plumbing store carried it or even heard of it…..great item. I will be buying all my plumbing needs from you from now on. Can’t say enough good things about it. Thanks again

  179. gmchu

    During a bathroom renovation, I discovered that the shower arm was raised to a new height which was 12″ higher than I was used to. Since I use a hand-held shower head, I now had to climb onto the tub ledge to reach it! My plumber was having a hard time finding a solution so after searching online, I noticed this extender – a perfect solution – no muss, no fuss, very minimalist, quite substantial and amazingly easy to install! It’s unobtrusive, matches the polished chrome shower arm perfectly and I can now reach my shower head with no difficulty. It’s an excellent product and excellent solution. Thanks, Amazon!

  180. Rodney D.

    great item, hard to find extension.

  181. Bill Ding

    Perfect solution to shower head being too high. Easy to install and looks nice.

  182. Jody


  183. a_guy_in_boston

    Great quality, perfect size.

  184. Robert H.

    This shower head extension was “as advertised” It is a high quality, well made extension pipe. The product arrived on time and was fairly priced.

  185. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I needed, and the guy at Lowe’s said this item “does not exist” before I found it here.

  186. david compton

    this was a hard to find item / and it works great.

  187. Robert Hulse

    This item was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. This item allowed us to install a shower massage shower head in our mobile home shower stall. The shower head would not fit due to a 3” lip between the wall and the inside of the shower. This item gave the extra length that we needed. This item is made of strong heavy gauge metal finished in beautiful chrome. This is the only item like this I have found anywhere. I originally installed our shower head using an extension I made from pvc, which was ugly and eventually broke. At first I hesitated about buying this item because of the price. But, I’m glad I did. Now our shower is beautiful and fixed right.

  188. JHN

    Perfect for newer buit homes. Many newer built homes have the shower arm placed higher than “traditional” homes. This extension allows for the older style placement for the shower head.

  189. Zuzanne

    First I was trying to figure out how to pair a coupling with a threaded pipe to extend the arm on my shower head. This does the job in one piece, no fuss, and looks great. Exact match to my existing chrome fixtures.

  190. hjb

    Nicely finished and just we needed to allow my wife to reach the control for the hand shower.

  191. bluestone

    No fuss. This is exactly what it looks like. Works with pretty much any shower head. A couple dollars more than buying a separate female-female adapter and male-male extension but it looks so much nicer and there is one less connection to worry about.

  192. Jacob McMillen

    As advertised. Works great.

  193. Harry H.

    Good quality!


    Perfect fit and solved the problem

  195. jerry floyd


  196. SA

    did the job

  197. Hans Bren

    Sturdy extention. Our shower head were mounted our of my reach 8n my new house. Tried another extender that was too weak to hold shower head up. This was a great replacement when I returned the weak ones.

  198. Transbug

    Looks good and works as advertised.

  199. John G.

    Well made and excellent chrome. Should last a few lifetimes.

  200. Two Wolves

    Ever since we moved into our custom home in summer of 2013, I’ve hated how high our tall contractor installed the shower heads. My husband is tall, and shower was even a little higher than he liked. I’m short, and couldn’t reach the shower head to adjust the settings on our new variable setting shower head. This works perfectly with our brushed stainless shower fixtures, and NOW I can finally change the settings and truly enjoy our fancy shower head!

  201. D. Cheasebro

    My new apartment must have been built before handheld shower heads were popular, and the head was almost out of reach. This solved the problem very well

  202. Amazon Customer

    The high quality of this shower arm was immediately evident. It installed easily. I’m very satisfied with it.

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