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Pull Bar for Self-Closing Shower Valve – Chrome

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Out of stock

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Weight0.125 lbs
Dimensions12 × 0.3125 × 0.3125 in

5 reviews for Pull Bar for Self-Closing Shower Valve – Chrome

  1. Anderson D.

    Easy to use!

  2. Tressa

    Length of the pull is perfect for my pool shower. Nothing more to say than it does what I need it do and fit my needs.

  3. Travis P.

    Feels like quality and will be much better than the chains that we had that always broke. Very happy with it and this is for a community pool that sees a lot of use.

  4. Barbara

    We used this shower head for an easy to use outside shower at our beach house. Good quality, easy to assemble. We just had to buy one additional part which was a connecting pipe to go from our hose spicket/ bib to the shower kit. Having a pull handle to control on and off made it easier to quickly rinse off.

  5. Max B.

    Was fantastic as outdoor pool shower and the kids love it!

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