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Reflections™ Shower Head and Fogless Shaving Mirror In-One

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*Patent #7,185,830 and Patent #10,687,603
Mirrors for shaving and makeup removal in showers have never worked because they quickly fog over and stay that way for the duration of the shower. This condensation occurs when the warm humid air inside the shower comes in contact with the cooler mirror surface. Our new Reflections™ shower head and shaving mirror in one is the solution. Here’s how it works: The shower head is made of solid, chrome plated aluminum that is polished to a mirror finish. Heat from the water instantly spreads throughout the shower head, preventing condensation, and making the mirror fog free for the duration of the shower. No anti fog coatings to wear off, nothing to drain after each use, and no suction cups to fail. No matter how steamy the shower gets the all new High Sierra Reflections™ or ReflectionsX™ shower head and mirror in one will NEVER fog over.

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6 reviews for Reflections™ Shower Head and Fogless Shaving Mirror In-One

  1. Steven Stuart (verified owner)

    Purchased the 1.5 gpm model with the “trickle valve”. Puts out a substantial feeling water stream at our house. We will be using it at a cabin in the Sierras with an on demand tankless hot water heater. Hoping the low gpm will allow the electric water heater to heat it up as hot as desired even when the incoming water is in the high 40’s Fahrenheit.

  2. Tom

    The best shower head I’ve used. Not only you’re saving tons of money but you also get the full waterfall without using too much water. shhands-down best!

  3. Tom

    Found this company through Reddit. the head saves so much water compare to my older ones. The shower head is one of best shower head I’ve ever used! I am going to buy more for our other bathroom shower heads. Overall, quality products and quality customer serivce. I would highly recommend the comapnany and their products!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Surprisingly powerful jet for its size.

  5. Pamela Frost Dennis

    The water flow is incredible. A good, forceful flow due to mixing air into the water flow. It also has an easy on-off valve. Even if I didn’t live in a drought, I would prefer this showerhead.

  6. Joe E. Doran

    This showerhead works great. It is a little noisy, only downside.

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