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Self-Closing Shower Valve with Pull-Bar – Chrome

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  • The Pull-Bar mechanism allows water to flow when bar is pulled and automatically shuts off flow when bar is released
  • Ideal for campgrounds, beaches and any other area where water conservation is a must
  • Solid metal construction for lasting durability
  • Incorporates High Sierra's Exclusive Pull-Bar design: All other self-closing valves are equipped with a chain. However, with extensive use (especially in outdoor scenarios), the chains may become weak and break. We’ve replaced the chain with a solid metal bar that cannot and will not break over time
  • Another nice element about the pull-bar is that you can add multiple bars together to easily extend the length of the pull. This is great if you have handicapped occupants or smaller children using the shower
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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions Width: 1.5 in | Height: 1.5 in | Depth: 2.5 in
Thread Size 1/2 in. NPS
Includes Self-Closing Valve; Pull Bar; Attachment Rings (2)
Installation Easily threads to existing fixture


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