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Shower Heads For Student/Military Housing

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High Sierra Showerheads are the best choice for student/military housing managers planning to upgrade their facilities with high efficiency water saving shower heads. Available in WaterSense certified flow rates of 1.5 gpm and 1.8 gpm they deliver a best in the industry full spray of large droplets ideal for bathing and rinsing shampoo and conditioner from long, thick hair. Our student/military housing shower heads are made of all-metal parts and unlike traditional low flow shower heads there are no tiny holes to clog up from minerals in the water…..they are virtually maintenance free. For these reasons and more High Sierra Showerheads were selected in 2015 to retrofit thousands of high flow shower heads at the following universities: Yale University, Penn State, University of Wisconsin LaCrosse,USAF Academy, University of California San Francisco, and Purdue University! Shower head models that we recommend for student/military housing projects are listed below.

* Accuracy of flow rate is ± 10% between 30 psi and 80 psi

high sierra showerhead in action

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As with all High Sierra models, they feature a 1.5 or 1.8 gpm* flow rate, solid metal construction, maintenance free quality, and patented uniform droplet spray nozzle.

This is a Plugged "Low Flow" Shower Head at a (Big Chain) Motel in Oakhurst, CA. Snap a picture of a bad hotel shower head on your next trip and email it to us. We'll post it on Pinterest and give you a 12.5% discount on your purchase.

Plugged Showerhead
showerheads for college dorms

Our shower heads are in use in many colleges and universities. Here, Cal State University, San Bernardino facilities supervisor Luis Alvarado removes a poorly-performing shower head in a dorm room …

installing shower head in a college dorm

… and installs a High Sierra FCS-100 in its place. CSUSB ended up ordering 700 of the devices after testing several dozen. Not only did they save water and energy, said Mr. Alvardo, but the students liked the feel of their spray.

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