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Shower Trickle Valve

(17 customer reviews)
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Brass
Polished Brass
Matte Black
Matte Black

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Built to last.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 in

17 reviews for Shower Trickle Valve

  1. Stephanie Clark (verified owner)

    This works extremely well. I use it when I shave my legs to save on water without loosing the water temperature.

  2. Tom (verified owner)

    High quality device. We live in California where water is a valuable resource. We have the trickle valve, high sierra shower head, and adjustable flow rate Symmons shower valve for maximum water savings.

  3. Donna (verified owner)

    High Sierra products purchased are made of high quality materials, elegant design, made in the United States, and great prices. HS stands behind their products, answers the phone on the first ring, and knowledgeably answers questions. Water is expensive here, and the trickle valve makes it easy to slow the gpm flow rate. Unbeatable.

  4. Ray K.

    Works very well for slowing down the water so that you can get soaked up and then you can get rinsed off.

  5. S. Atherton

    Our family cottage has a dug well that has limited water late in the summer. The Flow Control Valve makes it easy to get wet, shut off the water to lather up, then back on to rinse. It’s a real water saver.

  6. David P.

    This valve shuts off just enough to maintain the water temperature at the same time saving on my water bill!

  7. Mitch B.

    High quality, easy to install, works great.

  8. A. Chance

    Makes saving water while showering a breeze

  9. Dci

    Just what I needed for my rv shower

  10. M. McClain

    They call the product a shutoff valve…I call it a water pressure regulator. It’s great because you can regulate the flow of water from a full stream of water to just over a trickle. The best way to save water! And, it’s all metal…should last for years.

  11. Michael D.

    It took 2 minutes to install. Push valve does just what it should. Can’t ask for anything more.

  12. Richard

    I used this on a hand held shower so I could control water flow at the user end of the hand held unit. Works well. Does exactly what I wanted it to do. No loss of pressure. Would buy again.

  13. Marie

    Worked as described – no water restriction at all when it is wide open. The button moves very easily for any range of flow that is desired. HIGHLY recommend

  14. R. Frew

    This is one of those little gems that no only save you money but work flawlessly too. I have installed them in 3 bathrooms and they work great. The control has a smooth feel when adjusting the pressure and only took 5 minutes to install. Highly recommend it.

  15. Rebelbw

    Better than my previous unit

  16. Jim

    My wife and I use this on the end of a shower wand for washing the dog. It works amazingly well to shut the water off to a trickle inbetween soaping the dog up.

  17. Flint

    I like this trickle valve so I can get the water adjusted to my liking, push the trickle valve, soap up then open the valve to water already to my liking.

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