High Efficiency Showerheads

What Does Sustainability Mean?

Sustainability guides us down a path of balance. We can live more sustainable lives by following some standard guidelines.

Earth Day: How it All Started

A history of Earth Day and what it has become. Earth Day is a day when the world can unite together to celebrate the planet we call home.

Bargain Shower Head? Maybe not.

Shower heads are one of the essential components of a bathroom. They provide the necessary water pressure for a comfortable and enjoyable shower. However, many

What is a Low-Flow Shower Head?

Low-Flow Shower Heads Conserve Water A low-flow shower head is a type of shower head that uses less water compared to traditional shower heads. They

Low Water Pressure in the Shower

Low water pressure in the shower is a frustrating problem for many homeowners. It’s challenging to rinse soap and shampoo, making for a less enjoyable