Water Agencies and High Sierra

High Sierra works with local & regional water agencies. We make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to conserve!


Many water agency conservation efforts, particularly in the Western US, are currently focused on outdoors savings.

However, there’s also still plenty of opportunity for saving water indoors, as well!

By replacing residential or industrial/commercial shower heads with High Sierra’s 1.25 or 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) models, your customers can save up to 50% on water and energy when showering. Households can reduce indoor water usage by 5-15%, helping meet conservation targets.

Four Ways to Jumpstart Indoor Water Savings

Planning a conservation retrofit or educational outreach program that includes shower heads?We’d be delighted to work with you to help craft or support that program! Call us at 1-800-445-1941 to start the conversation!

Institutional/Commercial Retrofit Program

Do you recommend low-flow shower heads to institutional and commercial customers in your district or region?

High Sierra’s shower heads are consistently the choice of top institutions like Ohio State and Planet Fitness because they work exceptionally well for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, healthcare and congregate care facilities, correctional institutions, military bases, fitness and sports centers, and similar institutions and businesses.

Their exceptionally satisfying spray (even at flow rates of 1.25 and 1.5 gpm), durable all-metal construction, and immunity to clogging from hard water minerals, make their lifecycle savings compelling.

Case study: Colorado Springs Utility worked with High Sierra on a program to retrofit 1,400 shower heads in Federal and State facilities, including the US Air Force Academy. (That partnership resulted in an EPA WaterSense Excellence Award for Strategic Collaboration.)

Giveaway/Exchange Program

Do you directly provide low-flow shower heads to your customers: whether standalone or included in water conservation kits?

Whether at customer request, in conjunction with audits, or through an exchange program, High Sierra’s products are an ideal, higher-end alternative to the typical low-end plastic shower heads used for such programs.

Case study: Madison Water Utility, the municipal water utility for Madison, WI and other area cities and towns, bought 1,500 of High Sierra’s shower heads to giveaway to their customers at various events. MWU’s spokesperson noted they were “well-received and are a great investment in sustainability for our community.” (See below for more background on their program.)

Rebate Program

Do you offer rebates to your customers, reimbursing them for purchases of qualified water-conserving products?

High Sierra can work with you on such programs. We can help verify orders are coming from customers in your service area, automatically apply relevant discounts, and work with you on order flows/invoicing.

Case study: Puget Sound Energy in Bellevue, WA, partnered with High Sierra on a water- and energy-saving rebate program.

Custom Program

Need something different than one of these?

Let’s discuss! We’d welcome opportunities to become one of your key supplier partners, helping support conservation programs built to your agency’s specific requirements and the needs of your customers.

Water Agencies Need Feel-Good, Low-Flow

The difference between a conventional low-flow shower head and a High Sierra feel-good, low-flow shower head, especially at highly water conserving flow rates such as 1.25 gpm or 1.5 gpm, is as clear as rain. High Sierra’s patented full coverage nozzle splits and collides streams of water within its all-metal shell, making large, heavy droplets which provide the luxurious feeling of being caught in a summer rain storm. Conventional low-flow shower heads, in contrast, send water through many tiny holes, often resulting in either a stinging feeling on the skin or a trickle of water that isn’t sufficient to quickly rinse shampoo out of hair.

Conventional Showerheads

High Sierra Showerheads

High Sierra Showerheads are Customizable for Your Needs

At High Sierra, we have many different customizable features to fit specific needs. Are you looking to outfit beach showers with new 1.25 GPM shower heads? We can do that!  If you want to encourage your residents to go low-flow with a 1.5 GPM model, we will make sure it feels good for them! Do you have an institution you need to outfit with sturdy vandal-resistant shower heads? We can do that too!

Fixed (Overhead)


Vandal Resistant

Madison, WI - Case Study

Amy Barrilleux for Madison Water Utility

“We decided to give away 1,500 high-efficiency, EPA WaterSense showerheads to our customers to help them take a critical first step toward home water conservation. But we also wanted to change the perception that low-flow means low quality. So we invested in innovative, all-metal High Sierra showerheads for the giveaway. Not only do the showerheads produce a strong steady flow, but they’re also made in the USA, which is important to Madison Water Utility and our customers. The showerheads have been well-received and are a great investment in sustainability for our community.”

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