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How High Sierra Showerheads Began

High Sierra Showerheads David Malcolm

Operating from Coarsegold, California, a small Sierra Nevada town not far from Yosemite National Park, David Malcolm has been designing and manufacturing high-efficiency nozzles (known as FCI nozzles) for agricultural and golf course sprinkler irrigation for the past 15 years.

The result of Macolm's experimentation was a nozzle that mechanically explodes a stream of water into a controlled shower of large, soft droplets that are uniform in size and distribution. In 2006, Malcolm saw the startling potential this new spray nozzle technology had to form the basis of a 1.5 gpm* low flow shower head that would provide a pleasing, stimulating shower while saving water, energy, and money. Please click here for a detailed explanation of our nozzle technology and a chart showing performance at various water pressures.

Today, the new 1.5 gpm* High Sierra Showerheads® are in full production and are catching on quickly. They incorporate a proven, non-plugging design that creates the feel of a conventional shower head but uses 40% less water. David Malcolm was awarded a patent for his nozzle technology in 2007. A second patent is pending for the shower head.

Agricultural Applications Led to the Invention of the FCS Nozzle
Irrigation technology leads to a low flow shower head
Low flow shower head uses similar special nozzle
Shower head evolved from this

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* Accuracy of flow rate is ± 10% between 30 psi and 80 psi

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