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Reviews Of The Low-Flow Shower Head That Doesn't Feel Like It's Low-Flow

Many people with conventional 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) shower heads are reluctant to try any shower head rated to use less water. They're worried their shower will be weak or misty, or have gaps in the spray.

But once they try a High Sierra Showerhead, they change their mind.

Using the same nozzle technology we designed for watering golf greens, our shower heads blast out a full spray of large, heavy, high-energy droplets.  They actually work as well as most higher flowing heads, even though they use up to 28-40% less water.

But don't take our word for it. Read what people are saying in unsolicited comments and reviews.

The shower heads we ordered from you are working absolutely perfectly. The design, construction, and performance of the product has far exceeded anything we have used in 34 years of business. Our guests have greatly enjoyed the shower heads as they feel and perform just as well as any high volume shower head on the market. Even our employees have asked where we purchased them so they are able to put them in their own homes.

Manager, Seven Gables Inn Preston Flatley

"This showerhead was installed in an area with notoriously low water pressure. A standard showerhead produced ridiculously low trickle of water, but this unit produces a really powerful, full showering experience."

R. King August 16, 2016

"Hard to believe this spout is only 1.5 gpm because it feels like 2.5 gpm. Love it."

Steve August 13, 2016

"Never clogged once in years. And there's a lot of rust in these old pipes. :-)"

Amazon Customer August 7, 2016

"Living in California, I've been using low-flow shower heads with trickle valves for years. I'd accepted the decreased water pressure. Recently, my WaterPik shower head broke - cheap plastic part. Having only one bathroom, I needed a new shower head immediately. So I bought another Waterpik product and installed it. The worst water pressure ever! So I went on-line to do my research. Everything I'd read about the High Sierra design, quality and pressure clinched the sale. I received it in no time at all and installed it. OMG! The best water pressure since pre-low-flow days. I've been bragging to friends and family about it. It's the most exciting thing in my life in weeks. (That doesn't give a good impression about my life, does it?) Thank you. I look forward to my shower every day."

Beth P. July 28, 2016

"This shower head is amazing I can't tell the difference except in my water bill! The spray is wide and feels better then my previous one. Would 100% recommend not only for environmental reasons but for your water bill too."

Amy July 27, 2016

"Excellent product. Before installation I would run out of hot water after just 3 or 4 minutes of showering. After installing this I can shower for as long as I like and have yet to run out of hot water!"

John June 30, 2016

"With home/rental prices in Los Angeles soaring and a rising fear that we would be locked into our low price rental in a desireable neighborhood, my girlfriend and I were certain that we were relegated to a future of showers more or less akin to a slow drool from our rusty old pipes. She had already given up and accepted this future, but not I! I courageously waded into the forest (of amazon showerhead options) and emerged victorious; gleaming relic held high to the gods of water pressure and bathed in the victory of my conquest. The high sierra watersense is a miracle of hydrodynamics. You can have that shower you never thought was possible; constant, comfortable flow without that pins and needles feeling, and if you live in a drought stricken area like Los Angeles you can also have luxury and comfort for a reasonable price, all while using less of the wet stuff and even supporting a local business. Do it... you won't regret it."

Undeadmouse June 12, 2016

"Great quality. Easy to install. The water stream is strong. Saving water. I am going to change the other shower heads in the house."

Paul G. June 2, 2016

"I love these shower heads. I have a 4/4 townhome and I bought this for one of the showers and liked it so much that I bought three more. The last three I bought have handles and a holder so the girls can wash their hair easier and the shower stalls can be more easily cleaned. I've been on a campaign to lower my water bill and these are part of that campaign ... Very nice, strong flow comes out. Don't miss the old higher flow shower heads at all."

B. Magness June 1, 2016

"Very nice shower even with our low water pressure. We have a well, fairly low water pressure, and do not soften our slightly hard water. This simple shower head out-performs all the elaborate versions we have tried over the years. It also doesn't take up a lot of space or headroom. It seems to be resisting mineral build-up. We have been using it for a few weeks now and we are both still very happy with it. The powerful spray it produces is amazing. It does not make that wide diffused cone spray with nothing in the middle like some cheap water-saving shower heads."

Henrietta May 19, 2016

"I rarely leave feedback on things unless I am so moved to think that the product is EXCEPTIONAL!! Simply put..... This shower head is what I have been looking for in the past 7 years in search of the perfect shower head. I have bought no less than 10 different shower heads since moving in to my new home 7 years ago. This new shower head is EVERYTHING I have been looking for and MORE !!"

Michael M. April 2, 2016

"Reviews are legit. This is the best shower head for the money. Easy to install and water pressure is perfect. Will buy another one for the second bathroom."

J. Carlos January 20, 2016

"Stop reading reviews and buy this. I switched from the average 10 dollar 1.5 GPM shower head to this one and the pressure is 10 times better! Wish I had bought this years ago."

J. Beach September 17, 2016

I've been through a pretty wide variety of different shower heads, from pre-1992 high-flow heads, to 2.5 GPM heads of every shape and size, to a fairly broad spectrum of high-efficiency heads. And I can say beyond doubt that the High Sierra head is the only low-flow shower head I've ever used that is every bit as good as a standard or high-flow model. And I'll go so far as to say it's better than most of the 2.5 GPM models I've used. It's really that good.

I replaced my low flow showerhead that was rated at 2.5 gpm with the High Sierra 1.5 gpm showerhead and am really enjoying it. Saving a gallon per minute in the shower. ... Water stream is strong and droplets are large. A very well-machined showerhead that works well and saves water.

My previous shower head was 2.5 gallons [per] minute. My friend came and said wow, did the plumber fix something. Absolutely a great product.

The flow is very strong, you will not feel like you are using a "green" shower head.

This is the best shower head that I have ever used. I love it. I put this in the kid's shower and now want one for my shower. I have tried many other shower heads (from 1.5 GPM to 2.5 GPM) and this one is much better than any of the other ones that I have [ever] used - even better than the standard-flow shower heads.

It might look like a locker room shower head, but so what -- this head has an unassuming look to it that I like. I replaced the 2.5g shower heads in 2 bathrooms with the HighSierra heads. I have to say that I can tell that a slightly lesser amount of water is being delivered, BUT the water delivery is awesome. The workmanship and materials in this shower head is far superior to the plastic junk being sold on the market today. I'm proud to be a supporter of a Made in the USA product as well! I had tried a couple of other low-flow shower heads in the past, and was hesitant to try any more. However, I am more than happy with this shower head, and I wish I'd made the switch sooner.

Frank Palisi July 3, 2014

So far this showerhead has far exceeded my expectations. It is a 1.5gpm and I used it to replace a 2.5gpm showerhead. The last 1.5gpm I tried was quickly removed after complaints from my wife and daughter about lack of pressure etc. So far they actually like this showerhead better than the 2.5gpm I replaced, because it not only has stronger pressure but it actually feels like more water. This is a well engineered product and I'm glad I bought it.

Arleigh Kidd June 27, 2014

Our family was running into issues with having a small water heater and back-to-back hot showers being taken first thing in the morning. My poor husband would end up with his shower being chilly toward the end at the very least. Sometimes I wouldn't even get through my shower before the hot water was running low. So as much as we hated to replace our new shower head after just a week of owning it (we got a fancy one with all kinds of options, but apparently our old one was more efficient), I did some research and bought this shower head. I LOVE it! It seems like I don't even have to have the faucet set to as hot of a setting to have a nice warm, relaxing shower. The water pressure is really good -- surprisingly good. The shower head swivels with ease (my hubby broke the old shower head because he's always readjusting-- this one won't have that issue!)-- and nobody gets cold showers any more. Even when I take an extra long shower, it's not an issue. Very very pleased with our purchase!

Leah Blevins March 23, 2014

The High Sierra shower head provides the the most satisfying shower I've ever taken! PERIOD. It certainly is revolutionary and deserving of it's own patent. The completely unique characteristics of the water which emanates from this head defies easy description. I am not sure I understand why, and I'm not sure I can do it justice with words alone, but it does work like no other.. But now, I am a lifelong construction craftsman who comes home every day fulfilled, but sweaty, tired and filthy. I have done this for over 25 years too. Believe me, I CHERISH my long, warm, relaxing, late afternoon showers. After experimenting with different high tech and expensive shower heads over the years, I considered myself an expert shower aficionado who was willing to pay the high cost for the ultimate experience, but this shower head just completely re-educated me on everything I thought I knew.

The High Sierra uses 40% less water than the big name, 2.5 GPM ones it replaced. I measured ito one in the house (two teenaged boys and a seriously cold natured wife) can believe it. It is actually a MUCH better overall shower experience with more rinsing power and a much more pleasing, all-enveloping warmth from head to toe. It even heats up the entire enclosure better than the other heads we once thought were the best of the best.

It cost me half as much to purchase too. As a matter of fact, I put one in both showers and I say that with my family of four, every one of us a complete shower hog, they should pay for themselves in five months with the savings on water and electricity. In case you weren't aware of it, the cost of hot water can be 30% of your total power bill! It just makes sense to use less of it, especially if you give up nothing.

The proof of better efficiency is in the water heater. We used to run out of hot water regularly enough. If everyone had to shower for the same event - a fairly common occurrence among close nit families - the race was on to not be that last person who would definitely run out of hot water and suffer. This meant constantly beating on restroom doors with threats and ultimatums. The High Sierra ended this routine for us. Now, with the same old 40 gallon water heater, (which is the largest that will fit in our space), we can all expect a warm, comfortable shower at the same time as long as we remain focused. Before it was even possible to run out of hot water during just one marathon shower. Now, if you happen to be the only one taking a shower it is okay to just kick back and take all the time you want without fear of the water turning cold.

The look is one of a kind too. Simple, minimal, and yet elegant. No wasted materials. Everyone who has seen ours thinks it is the bomb. I also like that it is much less likely to clog, especially since we have hard water. Around here tiny little clogged holes probably forces the retirement of more shower heads than for any other reason. This shouldn't be a problem at all with the High Sierra's one, big, eye-shaped hole.

By Ralph in Huntsville, AL January 25, 2014

...High Sierra shower head is because the context in which it was created. This is an elegant, thoughtful solution to a complex problem, and it was brought to life by one man, David Malcolm. He saw a problem, he dreamed up the solution, and then he decided to manufacture and sell it directly to consumers. The shower heads are sold through David's website, www.highsierrashowerheads.com. I love this kind of story, in part because it's the same story behind the Omega and everything else I sell in TriRig Store. There's something compelling about the small guy who challenges the establishment and strikes out on his own. I've got a soft spot for those stories, and I love sharing them with you, dear readers.

Love the Feel of the Spray and the Energy Savings

HighSierra: The shower head we ordered arrived today, roughly one week delivery all the way to BC Canada. Where we live there is no water meter so our purchase was strictly for the energy savings. I was under the house insulating when it arrived and in desperate need of a shower, so it got installed right away. All I have to say is....Thank you for producing this product! What can I say, all the positive reviews were spot on. I used a marked bucket to measure our old heads usage ... 9 litres per minute, YIKES, and we are a Family of 4! The Highsierra feels so much better than our old one. Enjoying the spray and the savings!

Thank you from Canada! Dan & Family | Sep-12

Mr. William Dunaly, Director of Energy and Utilities at the University of Southern Maine, has ordered more than 325 FCS-100 showerheads with the tamper resistant set screw for its college facilities. USM joins large colleges such as Penn State, Savannah College of Art and Design, and many colleges within the California CSU and UC systems in their water-saving retrofits. Students love the rinsing power and feel of the showerheads -- and at 1.5 gpm, college facilities management budgets go much farther than with old-fashioned "low flow" showerheads. Mr. Dunaly was pleased enough with the new showerheads to offer his endorsement. "Please give my name as a reference for your shower heads if the opportunity arises," he wrote in a May 24 email.

Another Major University Retrofits its showerheads with High Sierra University of Southern Maine May 2012

First, I should mention that this won't show as an "A_ _ _ _ _ Verified Purchase" since I chose to order directly from the manufacturer. Price is the same either way, and I like dealing with the souce.

Although teflon tape isn't called for I always use it on threaded connections and did here as well. For final tightening I enlisted one of those rubber thingies normally employed in loosening jar lids. No wrench necessary, good, tight fit and no wrench damage to threaded portion of showerhead.

In no particular order:

  • Temperature. There is no need to compensate for the cooling effect other low-flow heads seem to generate. I find I'm setting the shower lever in exactly the same spot used previously on a non-low-flow head. I've used other low-flow heads where the cooling was pronounced, and thus somewhat counter-productive in terms of savings.
  • Pressure. Likewise, I'm using the same pressure setting as before with no sacrifice in "feel". I rarely use full pressure in any shower, but wondered whether the High Sierra would deliver at a partial setting. No problem there. At any setting there is none of the "needle effect" commonly experienced with low-flow showerheads. Water delivery is satisfying and comfortable across the full range of handle settings, so I'm confident some serious savings are available with this thing.
  • Noise. If it's any noisier than its predecessor, it isn't enough so to be bothersome at any setting.
  • Draining. There's NO residual dripping after shutting it off. Clearly it empties instantly and completely. Given that and its all-metal construction, there should be zero opportunity for bacteria growth.

The bottom line here is that this is an excellent showerhead that performs perfectly AND will save water and money. It's made in the U.S.A., is reasonably priced, and at least to my eye looks great in its simple elegance. I recommend it without reservation.

Glowing review from a large online retail customer Online Retail Customer March 2012

"I currently have one shower head of yours and it is fantastic...you can't even tell it's low flow. So, I ordered a second one and ran the calculations using information from my tankless water heater, our current water usage, and electrical rates. With our family of seven, I expect to see a reduction of nearly $40 in electrical usage a month, and 2,000 gallons of water. This is unequivocally the best new product out there!"

Shower head review Patrick R. April 2011

"Product arrived in a couple of days. Installation was easy ... Water flow feels like a normal shower ... Customer service: Great! The is a real person at the other end of their contact icon on their website."


"Although I've been happy with [my Oxygenics brand], I knew I could save more water. During couch-surfing season, more water is used therefore I wanted to find shower heads that were better than the one I have. After extensive research, reading reviews and comparing products, I settled for the High Sierra ShowerHead ... very affordable ... ."

This product is very well made, is patented and extremely sturdy. It will never clog!! People on septic systems say this is the only shower head that gives them good pressure. Installing it was very easy. The pressure is incredible ...:)

There are 4 models to pick from, the lowest being $27 so this is within most people’s budget and you will likely pay it off with the savings. I am looking forward to seeing my next water bill. Make sure you purchase it on the website as it is cheaper this way."

"I own a 45 room motel in Montana that caters to the engineers and conductors of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad ... Although my hot water expenses have been rising steadily over the past years, I have resisted installing low flow shower heads for fear of offending my regular guests. But my hot water expenses finally reached a point where I had to try something. So I installed a few High Sierra FCS-200 shower heads in various rooms. I didn't say anything to anyone, but waited for reactions. To my surprise, the reactions were overwhelmingly positive; in fact I did not receive one negative comment. I am now in the process of installing High Sierra FCS-200 shower heads in every room. I highly recommend them."

Review by a Motel Owner in Montana Michael M.

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