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Why Our Competitors' Shower Heads Plug Up

The shower head flow control that won't clog

On the left image, upper left corner, we see the same type of pressure restrictor found in most shower heads. The water pathway is very narrow and can easily clog with solid particles in the water.

The part in the lower right corner (same image) is the High Sierra Showerheads® pressure-regulating diaphragm. Note that the size of the opening is much larger than that of our competition.

The center image is the 2.5 gpm flow restrictor found in many low flow shower heads. It is plugged with a bit of Teflon tape. Our shower head's flow regulator will not become plugged with sand or other foreign matter.

The far right image shows how our competition uses a very old technique to create a shower by dividing the stream of water into many, very small streams. Clogging has always been a problem with this design.

The High Sierra Showerhead's nozzle uses a single orifice to break the stream of water into a spray of droplets. For a picture of our single orifice, see the third image, left hand side (red arrow). You can see how much larger the horizontal opening is.

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